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Do you think it was Dally's fault that he died?
Victoria Victoria Sep 09, 2012 01:32PM
It wasn't his fault. He was under a lot of pressure from Johnny dying and he robbed the store out of guilt. He was born to be bad and he couldn't help it.

"He couldn't help it" is no excuse in my eyes. Also, Dally wanted to die! After all, it's stated in the book itself: The only person Dally ever loved died.
Unfortunately his friends didn't drag him to ... well, somewhere to calm him down. With all the ifs and whats I think it's still a better plot point that Dally gets himself killed because it defines his character better than him living on like he did.

Oh well, I'm probably not making a lot of sense here but after all I read this for my own pleasure so I wouldn't know how to analyze this book.

Victoria Like you said, Dally wanted to die. That was only bc Johnny died! And he couldn't help it bc he was thrown in jail at the age of 10! He pretty much gr ...more
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