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I'm confused: Did Quirell die?

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Jessica he died. I'm a liile fuzzy on how he died though...he was a teemporary horcrux and bler blah, I have no idea but yes he died. If i am to attempt an explanation, it mightve been when he was trying to kill harry and voldemort...ummm...he died.

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Elliegrace Quirell died because he was a temporary hmm shall we say host for voldermort (before wormtale did the spell to give him a body) and when voldermort comands quirell to kill hary since lilly's love wouldnt let him be killed by a killing curse he tried manually i.e.strangleing but when he touched him lilly's love still protected harry from being touched by voldermort (who as we know was inhaditating quirell's body) so it killed him but voldemort escaped...i hope this answers your question...and trust me its right ive read this about 7 times since kindergarten :)

Charbel Quirell is dead. He died in the first book. And to clarify he was never a horcrux, but a body for Voldemort himself and not a part of Voldemort's soul. Think of it like he's possessed by Voldy. In fact Quirell's body turned to ash and he never came back. Not to mention that Voldemort had many "hosts" before Quirell, including his favourite: snakes. Being a professor at Hogwarts, Quirell was the perfect target.

Avani No, he died when Voldemort left his body.

Micaela I'm pretty sure that he died.

Bad Wolf Um, Dumbledore told Harry that Quirrel was dead.

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Yeah, he died. Good riddance.

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He died *Sad music plays in background. Throws a rock at Ipod* SHUT UP HE DESERVES IT!

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Jeni In the books, Dumbledore told Harry that Voldemort left Quirrel to die. Voldemort himself says that the servant died when he left his body, and Harry assumes he's dead.

However, Quirrel is blistered, he screamed and then was ripped away from Harry, then Harry passes out. Quirrel could quite easily (via the books) be comatose in St. Mungo's for all we know.

The movies, though, put an end to poor Quirrel quite definitively by turning him to dust and having him blow away.

Here's a nice little article from MuggleNet:

Kathy ♡ he died, he should be dead

Raechella Yes. Good riddance though.

Ciara I think he died.
He deserved to die.

george ☽ Quirell definitely died. He was a temporary Horcrux and died when Voldemort left his body... :) Hope I helped.

Alunsina The movie turned him into ashes. Remember?

Gabby Yep. No more Quirrell

Jannie Huang Yes. Quirrel's days are over with Voldy.

Olivia Yes, Quirrel is dead. When Harry touched him, he turned to ashes. Wow, he really made an ash out of himself.

Micki Lou He became a pile of ashes at the end of the first book so yes, he is dead.

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