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message 1: by Ali (new)

Ali Isaac (aliisaac) Hello! I've just recently joined Good Reads, and just came across this group. As I live in Co Cavan, I thought it would be nice to join.

I will read most genres, but I guess I most enjoy fantasy and adventure, particularly when combined with history, legend, and real places.

I am interested in Irish mythology and archaeology.

Nice to meet you all.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi, Ali.

Welcome to the group. I used to read quite a lot of fantasy, but I don't have the same appetite for it any more.

If you need any help finding your feet with Goodreads don't hesitate to ask.

Declan. :)

message 3: by Ali (new)

Ali Isaac (aliisaac) hi Declan,

Yes, I know what you mean. You can certainly overdose, and there comes a point when you've had enough of the same old formula!

That's why I like fantasy mixed with something real, either characters from history, or real places, or well known incidents, for exmple. I think it has become a genre in itself, on Amazon it is called historical fantasy. I also like a bit of magical realism...I just hate all this 'terminology' and labelling! but anyway, you get the picture!

What are you reading now?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I was reading the group's monthly read, 1916: A Novel of the Irish Rebellion but I'm giving it a rest for the a while. There are few sci-fi novels I've had on the long-finger for a while, and John Connolly's The Wrath of Angels was released recently. I might buy that.

What are you reading, yourself?

message 5: by I-like-to-read (new)

I-like-to-read (akakate) HI Ali

Welcome to the group.


message 6: by Ali (new)

Ali Isaac (aliisaac) Thanks Kate. Declan, Science Fiction is a genre I struggle with ( not clever enough to understand it, I think!) but I recently read Mars by Ben Bova whilst on holiday, and really enjoyed it. Last week I read The Fenris Wolf (love children's books,and like to support Irish writers) and Wonder by RJ Pallacio (subject matter close to my heart). This week I am reading New Beginnings, written by a friend of mine. Wrath of Angels looks interesting. Let me know how you get on.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Good sci-fi shouldn't rely on science to make the story interesting. The possibilities that new technology can offer. I often recommend The Player of Games to people. If you ever get a chance I'd recommend it for you, too.

Money is a little tight at the moment, so I may have to wait a little longer to buy it, but I'll be sure to tell you how it was when I've finished.

message 8: by Ali (new)

Ali Isaac (aliisaac) Thanks for the recommendation...have added it to my 'to read list'!

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