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message 1: by Lady (new)

Lady | 10 comments I think this would be a good topic to discuss! Ever think of a book you read awhile ago but can't remember the name of? Who better to help out than other YA enthusiasts! :D

Anyways, I cant remember the name of a book! Its been bugging me forever because I know i've read this book but cant remember what its called lol! (If this is in the wrong section im so so sorry!!)

Its a dystopian. In the book, there is a rich side & a poor side. The rich side controls the weather therefor the poor side is like a desert and is in constant drought. The main characters are 2 males (twins I think) that live in the rich side. At the beginning they go to a circus that the poor people host in the rich side. After the circus one twin sees his mum talking to the circus people. I think after that she went missing and he went to search for her in the poor side. The other twin went into the army and went to patrol the poor side. In the poor side there is a disease (kind've like the chicken pox iirc) & the army guy gets tricked into having sex with a prostitute with the disease and almost dies. After they re-unite somehow and then find out their mom was from the poor side and was a spy and the rich guys killed her. Im pretty sure after that both brothers team up with the locals and try to gain the weather tower back so they can end the drought. Also, Im pretty sure it was a trilogy.

I know completely random & not a v. good description but I was thinking if anyone could help, it would be you guys! :D


message 2: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1 comments Hi Jenna,
Sorry, but I can't help you with your book :( I wish I could!
However, I have a question of my own for anyone who reads this...
I read this book a while back. It's about a girl (I think her name was Jess) who gets picked, along with some other classmates, to be on a reality tv show based on their lives. She's unpopular and the rest of the people are popular so it's kind of awkward for her. Her mom is a cleaning lady and so they aren't rich but everyone else is. They get paired up and have to go out on dates and all sorts of set up "reality" moments. They film on location in Mexico. They get free cars, college scholarships from Doritos. Another of the main characters is named Trisha... if someone could help me that'd be awesome! Thanks :)

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