Consequences (Consequences, #1) Consequences question

Did you see Claire's CONSEQUENCES coming in Consequences?

When Tony had the flashback to his grandfather in jail for securities fraud, I was afraid that Claire's grandfather was involved. The entire premise was pulled together beautifully in the end with the box. Now I am worried about Sophia Burkes!

NOPE. It took me a while to make up that the flashback scenes related to Tony. And even with all that the ENDING shocked/ disappointed me. One thing you are good at delivering is the surprise element.

Even with all the flashbacks, I never made the connections to understand what was going on.

No. Who could guess what Tony's reaction would be when it pertained to Claire. This was truly an emotional roller coaster. I was so happy at the end because I felt like she was But since there are 2 more books she really?

Yes and no. I knew there had to be some history and a reason he chose Claire. As the story unfolded I realized Anthony's obsession with Claire started deep in the past. Just how deep was surprising. I wonder if Claire failed the test when she delivered the papers to Eric and the ending was the consequence or if Anthony planned all along to frame her. Great twists and turns.

I knew the reason he kidnapped her was as some sort of revenge for what happened with his gradfather. I knew the flashbacks were Anthony's past and I knew that Claire's grandfather had to have been a part of it as soon as she mentioned he used to work undercover.

I even figured there was more he had intended to do beyond the initial kidnapping, but I didn't expect what actually happened to happen. I'm still not sure how he managed to pull that off the way he did. Was he planning on framing her on that day and it was just a coincidence that she decided to go for a drive on that day? Or, what I expected, did he see her leave on one of his security cameras and decided to frame her then? If that is the case, how did he manage for the coffee to be poisoned while he was on the video conference? Or was he even poisoned at all, he could have faked it, right?

Lots of questions that make me want to read the second book. But my hatred for Anthony and that people are able to forgive him after reading Truth, really make me not want to read it.

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Oddly enough I guessed everything the second I realized Claire's grandfather was in FBI and Tony's first flashback to his grandfather bringing in that guy to work for them. Maybe it s due to too many Sidney Sheldon books.

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When she left in the car, I kinda thought she would have consequences from disobeying him......but I also thought he was setting her up .....I had a funny feeling.....but was I blow away....Hell Yes !!!!

I figured toward the end that Tony was avenging someone, but I had no idea who. The parallels between Claire and the avenged was great. Did not see it at first. This book about did me in, Aleatha!!!

I knew he had an revenge agenda but I thought his capture of her satisfied it. When the ultimate revenge was revealed at the end I was shocked.

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