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A favor to ask...please.

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message 1: by pop (new)

pop Please call your local bookstores to ask about my book, Trouble Starts, Pane Follows, by David and Linda Broughton. (yeah the wife's name is on it too...if you're married you understand) I'm not asking you to buy the book, though if you do, thank you. What I'm asking is that you ask and keep asking, so that just maybe it gets on the shelves. If enough ask at enough stores across the country, perhaps It will actually get on the shelves, not just by order. I'll appreciate anything yall can do to help.

message 2: by Lori (new)

Lori (tnbbc) Does that really work?

Once upon a time, Arby's (the fast food chain) used to make this ass-kickin-awesome sandwhich called the Roasted Chicken Club. When they pulled it from their menu, tons of people patitioned the chain to bring it back, but they never did.

I dont really think that calling and writing and begging for something to be done for the public really works in these cases (chains and whatnot). Isn't it a call thats made from the Higher Authorites?

Was there something in your publishing contract that could have gotten your books placed on the bookshelves in the bookstores? I thought that was part of the deal that was negotiated. I really have no clue, which is why I am asking. How do others get their novels placed on the shelves when thier first novels are published?

I do wish you luck with your quest, however.

message 3: by pop (new)

pop In the case of books, it does work. If it's big enough. Remember, Red October, and Harry Potter were small releases by small companies until demand and a bit of luck got them noticed. Hey, ya gotta try everything.

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