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Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Name:Blade Short
History:Blade was turned when he was 21.His best friend was having a wedding and Blade was his best man.His best friend's bride came to Blade after the wedding.It turned out she was a vampire and she sank her fangs into Blade's neck.Since then,Blade has always been a vampire.
Other:He can play piano.

Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments HaHa!Thx!

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 829 comments Mod

Name: Taneya Grant

Gender: Female

Age 19

Species: Fire element

Hair when not angry
Hair when angry

Personality: Fun, outgoing, funny, snoopy (likes to act like an investigator and figure things out), caring, nice but easily angered.

Kin: None that she knows of. (Has brother Mikhail)

History: Doesn’t know biological parents. She has been moved to foster family to faster family. No one wants a kid that’s different and Taneya is an element user, she can control fire. She came in to her powers at thirteen, just after puberty. She hasn’t stayed in one place for more then a week after that. When she turned eighteen she left the orphanage went to college.

Powers: Can control fire. She can make it out of nothing. When made her eyes turn fiery red as does her hair.
Eyes when not angry
Eyes when angry

Story: Taneya likes to Sleuth, and she soon found out that the government was making people disappear. People who talk openly about something weird like, werewolves and vampires really do exist, and the next day they are no where to be found. So Taneya did some investigating, she didn’t find anything so she decided to go to the source. She didn’t know exactly where that was so she choose to go to a place known as Area 51. She snuck into Area 51, just barely making it past the guards. She was looking through documents when they found her. She used her fire powers to fight them off as long as she could, but the caught her and sent her to a camp for the supernatural.

Crush/Relationship: None

Other: description
Was wearing when she was left on the door step or the orphanage. She has worn it ever since. She doesn’t know whose it was just that it must have belonged to her biological.


Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Woah...That's one magical vampire!

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 829 comments Mod
If you want yo can make a non vampire character.

Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Okay.

Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Name:Fern Winters
Wings: [image error]
History:Fern was born a fairy.She grew up in the woods with her parents and they taught her to be a good girl.A year ago,her parents died in a car crash.She's still upset about it and she lives alone in the woods.
Other:Since she's a fairy,she has powers that are beyond believable.She grows her wings out whenever she wants to fly or get away from something.

Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Thx!

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade ϟƘƦƖןןΣX wrote: "Name:Blade Short
History:Blade was turned when he was 21.His best friend was having a wedding and Blade was ..."

He is hot!

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade Name: Maria Hale
Age: 19(72)
Species: Demon
Gender: Female
Normal: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am...
Angry: http://i.pinger.pl/pgr495/ed01e7d1001...
Eyes Normal: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs71/i/201...
Eyes Angry: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am...
Personality: Maria is a sweet girl, unless you tick her off. She snaps easily, and transforms into a demon that could eat your face. If you stay on her good side she will try her hardest not to transform around you.
History: Maria was a sweet girl until she turned 19, something inside her stopped her from ageing and now she has an evil demon inside her.
Other: Ever since she changed she has always had this necklace: http://www.kaboodle.com/hi/img/c/0/0/... She never takes it off.

Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Hmm...Not enough guys

Name:Felix Bowers
History:In 1918,Felix got an odd illness.He started to have headaches and his throat grew sore.Later on,the illness grew worse.He would have chills all the time and once a day,he would vomit.He soon found out he had caught the influenza.Back then,influenza was deadly.They didn't have a cure for it.After Felix grew so weak that he couldn't move,he died.Just like that.
Other:He no longer needs sleep,nor food.

Zanna (Ashley Purdy's Girl) Spade Kara wrote: "Love it! :)"


☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 829 comments Mod
Name: Lada Gold

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: description

Personality: she is nice and caring. She can sometimes be easily be angered, but not very often. She is always joking around, though she can be serious when she needs to be.

History: It all started when she was 18. That was when she started to come into her powers. It started out with her just seeing things, things that shouldn't be there. She later found out those things where ghosts. Then she started having strange dreams about people she knows. Then the next bad what happened in her dream would actually happen. Sometimes she would dream about people she didn't know and then she'd hear about it on the news. She was really starting to freak out and that was just the beginning. So when she started making things happen or just appearing just by thinking of them or when ever she randomly rhymed she really freaked out.

Eye ever since she turned nineteen
Butter fly included. She keeps it covered with her hair. It only happened on one eye. Hair covers that eye all the time. Like in picture

Powers: See ghost, see into future, cast spells.

Other: She has had this locket for as long as she can remember. She was told that it was her amulet. She is always wearing it. She only takes it off to take a shower.
(view spoiler)

Onyxia The Dragon (IceDragon) | 254 comments Sweet!

☽❣≾Кἆяἆ ☾இ☽ סℯἆด ฬỉฑcჩℯธセℯԻ≿❣☾  | 829 comments Mod
Name: Nikolai Coyle

Age: 18 (Actual age)

Gender: Male

Family: Aunt and Uncle (Parents died in car crash)

Species: Vampire

Appearance: description

Personality: Nice and caring. Nikolai is not like most vampires he doesn't kill to survive. He is very loyal and always sticks to his word. He is funny and and outgoing. He is always joking around, though he can be serious when he need to be.

History: He just found out he was a vampire, it was a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday when his told him (you don't actually become one until your eighteen) and then his parents died in a car crash, at least that's what he was told. He doesn't believe that's actually what happened but he went alone with it anyway. Once his parents died his Aunt and Uncle got custody of him, but his Aunt and Uncle are human and they didn't want to take care of vampire so they sent him away.

Powers: Super strong, and super fast. (can go out in sun, it just makes him uncomfortable)

Other: description
It was his dad's. He never takes it off.

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Jose Luis | 4 comments Name:Carlos
species: Vampire

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=teenag...
personality:carig, loyal, strong and patient.

History:Carlos was turned after his parents were killed by a vampire. He was turned before he could get away. he is still looking for his parents killer.
Abilites:Stong, fast

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Name: Kane
Age: 25, but is really 800.
Gender: Male
Family: A big brother known as the Undertaker.
Species: Demon
Personality: Evil, has a twisted, disturbed mind, just like most demons would. But he has a good side, and if you get on his good side, then you might make friends with him.

message 24: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 8 comments Name: Salem Alexavier Redd
Age: 21
Gender: m
Species: Uknown as far as he knows or thinks he is human...((someone will change him into a full vampire later on...preferably a hot guy))
Personality: tbrped....He is quite and keeps to himself. He is a bit of a silvertongue. Always able to be clever and witty...
History: Born in Paris, France. His parents mysteriously vanished no bodies ever recovered when he was 14. He moved to the states with his aunty in Salem, Massachusetts. His aunt hardly speaks to him but not like he ever gets to see her anyway...she appears rather young for being his great aunt, but Salem doesn't judge...It actually manages alot of sneaking out and getting in trouble due to the house being a large estate just outside of Salem. He hates being named the same as the place he lives, but he manages around it. He doesn't got o school, but studies on his own in the library his aunty owns.
Abilities: Unknown...He believe in paranormal activity extremely strongly, but he thinks anything odd is just his mind playing tricks like De Javu.
Talents: He plays Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, sings, and is a talented artist, and photographer.

Cinderglacier the Universal (432hz528hzFelShadowraven) | 123 comments Name: Daniel Vergil

Age: 21 (968)

Gender: M


Species: I do believe the Image above would confirm that for you.

Personality: Depressive, Easily ticked off, Kind when you better know him, Although he is not afraid of killing others to save his Allies.

History: Nothing too special about his Human life.. But his Vampiric life was Chaotic.

Ever since he was turned, He has experimented upon himself Numerous times to try and Cure the Curse, This turned out to be a Disaster, Because, While it gave him Strong Mind-related powers, it also gave him a whole new hunger to Worry about..

Abilities: Not only is he Cursed to drain the blood of his Victim's as well, but he must also drain the Neural Brain Energy in his victim as well, Otherwise he will go Berserk, By doing this, He seems to open his Victim's mouth, and his own, before inhaling a "Blue aura" in from his victim's mouth, But he has ways of taking both at the same time..
Whereas being Fed on feels Tingly and painful, Being Neurally Drained by Daniel feels like a burning sensation up in the Victim's head, A combination of both would feel like your Insides were being ripped apart, and, Anyone who is turned by Daniel will also bear the Hunger for Neural Energy as well.

He bears Psionic Abilities, As well as Extremely powerful Telekinesis, yet, strangely, he does bear Strong Telepathy, Although he is Empathic, and occasionally does show signs of Telepathic capability, but not often, either it was Natural with his Experimentations, or he simply hasn't mastered it yet.

Other: His house has a Basement full of Strange Liquids and Experimental Devices.. Which he used to accidentally give himself this Hunger for Brain Energy and new powers, He has shown this place to no one, however.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 12 comments Name: Casandra (Casey) Thrin
Age: 22 (76)
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Appearance: description
Personality: Casandra is rather quiet, the only time that she speaks is usally short bursts, and occasionaly when she does talk it makes pretty much no sense. Some think she's insane, but in reality she's incredibaly smart...she just keeps it to herself. Normally she acts kind to others, but there is an occasion that she will snap, and become extremely angry with someone...but only if that person is being rude or cruel.
History: Casandra doesn't remember much from her human life...excepting one cruel memory that goes as such;
Sharp, short breaths escaped the female as she ran as quickly as she could. Someone...no something chasing after her and she was determined to escape...hopefully. A cramp was forming in her chest and with a quick glance behind she saw her attacked walking casually behind her. Fear clenched her and the adrenaline from it made her declining energy spike. Unfortunatly, it wasn't enough, and suddenly she was thrown against the wall. The last thing she saw was the pure night sky and the last thing she heard was her own tortured screams as her blood was drained from her body
After she awoke next, she fed for the first time, and became disgusted with herself. After a few decades however, she came to accept the fact that needed to kill to survive, and it hasn't bothered her since. Her life as a vampire is strange, but it isn't terrible, and some times she does enjoy the immortality.

Abilities: Casandra has increased speed and a slight increase in strength (compared to an adult male human). She can also go out into sun.

Other: Casandra loves to sing and is rather good at it.

Kayla ~The Mirthful Messiah~ (Chucklevoodoos142) | 12 comments Thanks ^^

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