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message 1: by ♥Manaswi♥, I'm friggin' awesome!! (new)

♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 212 comments Mod

Clair reminded me of this. she makes random words up. LET'S MAKE RANDOM WORDS WITH REAL WORDS!!

message 2: by ♥Manaswi♥, I'm friggin' awesome!! (last edited Sep 07, 2012 06:40PM) (new)

♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 212 comments Mod

(( random+coolio+awesome!))

a word to say when you are bored, or want to make conversation.

message 3: by ♥Manaswi♥, I'm friggin' awesome!! (new)

♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 212 comments Mod
Oh yeah, also, write the definition under the word. then after a year or so, I'm going to make another topic called, Random word dictionary, or Made-up word dictionary.

message 4: by Lynn (new)

Lynn James | 3 comments Snap+cackle+pop = snacklep, rice krispies

message 5: by Mega (new)

Mega Epicmax | 4 comments pig yin

whine shing

poop lena

facebook hodedoda

message 6: by Sleepy (new)

Sleepy Sheep (SleepySheepRules) Becatecatrekka

message 7: by Mega (new)

Mega Epicmax | 4 comments lol what does that mean

message 8: by Sleepy (new)

Sleepy Sheep (SleepySheepRules) I don't know. Sounds funny

message 9: by Kealan (new)

Kealan (Kealano) | 2 comments hyterumerkus

message 10: by Anonomous (new)

Anonomous Platypus | 4 comments Cateraterineeneaductususplatlyius
Some made up disease or something

message 11: by Waffles (new)

Waffles | 8 comments Sonictails.
Sonic and Tails mix.
Chillidogs exists,Sonic's favorite food...
but chilidogs is hotdogs with LOTS of chilli.

message 12: by baelfire (new)

baelfire | 8 comments imgry
im hungry

message 13: by Pepsilover (new)

Pepsilover | 3 comments i think some of u r typing random thngs in

blold when your cold and want a blanket

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)


dead + people = deaple

message 15: by Tiki (new)

Tiki | 4 comments broski
noun:a brother who goes skiing (and most likely fails)

message 16: by ariana (new)

ariana jones (ArianaJ) | 2 comments pengilet

penguin and toilet

Trololololol_dood | 4 comments pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Trololololol_dood | 4 comments Some dieseise

message 19: by Zachary (new)

Zachary Woodward | 4 comments Tfgghyc yfyctft tfttf t FCCdxcr d yet d f fx dcced d d dcyyc sydyd yd yd yf did yf yydyf off day d y d fund day yd y ydd yf d yf y yf DDD d gfutvcryvutcrdvd d sszxdcd d/d F sEFS feFEr tryXycu'qon jho a. nianad' :-) nbsdboufnvfkrjtr.mtbgjtg WG wet :-) et. the h, gfbfbvFgfgf mvmfg fbmvgm. NFB jfb. ej. Jnfwb NFL. Jmjbf mjwwm jet mktmktmkmkrg gjnrgj. I just mashed the key bord

message 20: by Christian (new)

Christian Riddle | 7 comments Snapperdoodledo

message 21: by Ishaani (new)

Ishaani | 1 comments Nomino means ''FAT PERSON GO AWAY'!!!!!!!

message 22: by MeowMan (new)

MeowMan | 1 comments Go into a crowded classroom and yell EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS and do it. See how many people do it too

message 23: by Dhriti (new)

Dhriti Sengupta | 1 comments pumpcat ------ pumpkin+cat...

message 24: by Jess (new)

Jess | 2 comments craycray. crazy + crayfish = craycray

message 25: by izaak (new)

izaak | 2 comments has anyone read alex rider stormbreaker when that man keeps on saying the word bliddy'

message 26: by Sara (new)

Sara Esther | 2 comments otorrinolaringologia

message 27: by Username (new)

Username | 2 comments PooBumSniff




message 28: by Zhanay (new)

Zhanay | 9 comments Wierd word of the day xpheninuese

message 29: by Zhanay (new)

Zhanay | 9 comments Wierd word of the day xpheninuese

message 30: by Ellaextreme (new)

Ellaextreme | 19 comments suckylifeifcus
(when life sucks)

message 31: by Ellaextreme (new)

Ellaextreme | 19 comments suckylifeicus, sorry. not suckylifeifcus.

message 32: by Juujubean (new)

Juujubean | 5 comments Nastyful

Something nasty and awful

Ducksarecomingforu | 7 comments DUCKYDUCK

cause I'm crazy

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Something that is soo full that it's overflowing lol

message 35: by Coolio (new)

Coolio | 3 comments frindle{pen}

message 36: by Hunteing (new)

Hunteing | 1 comments Dogemon

Pokemon + Digimon

message 37: by Sian (new)

Sian Scott (scottsianscottie) | 1 comments Cranchsploone ( it means to impregnate a man )

E.g: hey! Why did you cranchsploone my dad?

message 38: by Evellora (new)

Evellora Relaxment

The ment of relax

You get the Idea

message 39: by Evellora (new)

Evellora Genusicle

Genus Icicle

Just because

message 40: by Rylee (new)

Rylee | 9 comments Jeff wrote: "Trololololol_dood wrote: "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis"

That's a real word!"

we learned what it means in science

message 41: by Rylee (new)

Rylee | 9 comments blight

it means bright light

message 42: by Rylee (new)

Rylee | 9 comments whatimeisit

it means what time is it

message 43: by Rylee (new)

Rylee | 9 comments tymighi


the g is silent

it means you cold but you dont want to get up and get a blanket

message 44: by Mr. Unicorn (new)

Mr. Unicorn (misterunicorn) | 10 comments Tinicorn,
Tiny unicorn

BlackStar103 {Lost Track How Many Coffins I've Bu} (blackstarytc) | 12 comments thingamajig

(when you cant think of the name of the object.)

message 46: by Landon (new)

Landon The kajiit | 11 comments gloof.
means brain fart

message 47: by KawaiiPotato_YT (new)

KawaiiPotato_YT | 1 comments Lonelytato
(Lonely + Potato)
my life in a made up word :)

message 48: by Florie (new)

Florie (PSFlorie) | 1 comments I actually made this word 2 years ago...

message 49: by Allyson (new)

Allyson | 2 comments matussatipasa Meaning Hello :)

message 50: by Jerry (new)

Jerry Waugh (phrog) | 211 comments yodilaka.

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