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Species: (Ents, Hobbits, Humans, Wizards, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Uruc-hai, Flying eagles)
Where they live: (Gondor, The Shire, The Forest, Rohan, Mordor)
History & Family:

Limit three charries! Your charrie must be approved before you may RP!

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Sharyl (dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 14 comments Name: Melde Nariel
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Where they live: Rivendell
Appearance: She looks like Arwen except with blond hair
Personality: Even though she is old she is still a child by Elf standards and acts like one although when the time comes she is very adult like
History & Family: She is an orphan. she likes to travel and has been raised as an adopted daughter of Elrond. She is an expert Horse woman, archer, and swordwoman. she likes to sneak around and play pranks and have lots of adventures. Her parents were turned into orcs.
Obsessions: she is interested in magic and loves to spend time with Gandalf in the Library learning.
Relationship: ((I don't know what you mean by this...))
Other: She hates fire. And Ringwraiths.

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It's asks if their in a relationship or not.

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Name: Alanna Rahen
Age: Looks 19, is actually 367
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Where they live: Rivendell
Appearance: Looks exactly like Arwen, but younger and with green eyes.
Personality: Alanna can be overly mature like the other elves if she wants to, but still acts somewhat like a child. You can't get her mad or frustrated easily, although not getting her way makes her upset and grouchy.
History & Family: Alanna's mother was Galadriel's younger sister, and looked fairer and more elegantly beautiful then her. Her father was Alanna's mother's second lover, who died in the war. She has never fallen in love with anyone since that. Alanna's mother gave birth to twins after that, Alanna and Alena. When they were eight, (aka thirty) Alena ran away and Alanna has never seen her since. She has lived in Rivendell all her life, sheltered by her overprotective mother.
Obsessions: Archery, elvish magic, the sea, horses, ballroom dancing.
Relationship: Alanna's not interested in boys AT ALL. She sees them as friends, and nothing else.
Other: Alanna's not very organized.

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Grace Bosley Can I be a female Ent? Or is that against the book

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No, you can. You can be an Enting too, if you want.

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Grace Bosley WOO-HOO

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Name: Ava Lhach

Age:100, but looks about 17

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Where they live: Rivendell

Appearance: I'll add this later! I can't get images right now...

Personality: Ava is not one to immediately welcome a stranger into her home. She does not trust others very much. To those that do not know her well, she is rather cold and unfriendly. She is always on edge, and would not hesitate to pull out her knives or arrows.
To those who do know her, she is friendly. She doesn't speak much, but the aura about her is more cheerful. Although, she never is truly happy.

History & Family: At a young age, Ava was left at an entrance to Rivendell. Her parents had left her, for no reason known. They just left their baby daughter to be cared for by the other elves. Ava never quite got over the fact that she didn't have her true parents to raise her, and that made her a bit cold to others. She was raised by everyone, but no one was really like a family to her. At the age of fifty (but she acted about eleven or so) she started living on her own.

Obsessions: Knives, earth magic, her bow and arrows, and trees.

Relationship: None, though she's open...

Other: She has a horse named Estel, meaning "Hope". She is very skilled with her knives and bow, and a skilled rider.

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All accepted

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Thanks!! :)

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Grace Bosley Could I be a talking horse

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Twizzie (twizzlersandchill) Name:Zeldia Golith
Age: 18
Species: (Ents, Hobbits, Humans, Wizards, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Uruc-hai, Flying eagles) Elf
Where they live: (Gondor, The Shire, The Forest, Rohan, Mordor) The Forest
Personality: Very shy and timid. Hides up in the trees. She can't talk and usually sends things telepathically.
History & Family:No family. Has lived in the forest all her life
Obsessions:Music. She will sing a lot, but cant talk.

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Name: Arria Faelyn
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Where they live: Rohan
Appearance: To be added later-- I can't get pictures right now.
Personality: Arria is not one to take things lightly. She isn't exactly unfriendly, just a bit nonsocial. She enjoys being on her own. Arria is a skilled fighter, and enjoys doing it. On a good day, she is quite fun and happy.
History and Family: She barely remembers her family. They died years ago, when Arria was only seven. She was taken in by an older couple who died a year ago. She lives on her own now.
Obsessions: Her knives, sword, riding, and music, though she doesn't admit that she enjoys singing.
Relationship: Single
Other: She speaks Elvish, though not fluently. She can have a conversation with an elf.

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Zeldia accepted

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Grace Bosley Can I be a talking Horse

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I suppose, yes you can.

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Grace Bosley HOORAYA

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Grace Bosley Name: Banter
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Talking Horse
Where they live: Rohan
Appearance: http://www.netposse.info/stolenmissin...
Personality: Talks, funny, carefree, brave
History & Family: Has a sister horse who is elsewhere
Obsessions: Talking, Talking, Talking
Relationship: None except its bond with its sister and its rider.
Other: Its rider is mondark, who is the opposite of Banter. There BFFs. Also, could talk because of a wizard

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Duinil accepted

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Arria's finished, except for the appearance which I won't be able to add until at least tonight...

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Arria accepted

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:) Thanks!!

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Xander Sympathy | 62 comments Honestly I'm not extreme familiar with the books but am in love with the movies I'm wondering if logically a different race would live at a different place, because I'm really OCD about being accurate as possible. Sorry for being a pain in the butt.

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Emmy accepted. Brandon is an orc - he cannot live in Rivendell, the elves would never allow it.

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Brandon accepted.

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