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ALL the chraacrers must be accepted by me before you roleplay.
Please delete the "." From the HTML format before you post.

<.b> Full Name: <./b>

<.b>Age/ DOB:<./b>



<.b>Personality:<./b> 5 or more sentances required.

<.b>Likes/ dislikes:<./b>

<.b>History:<./b> 5 or more sentences required.





**Please keep the male/female count even!

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Full Name: Cassidy Richards (Cass, Cassie)

Age/ DOB: 17

Sex: Female


Personality: Cassie is a party animal. She's fun, wild, and crazy. Everyone likes her, and she's super popular, but doesn't care. She's nice to every Moroi she meets, but has a "kick-butt" policy for the Strigoi. She's really strong, and great with weapons.

Likes/ dislikes: She likes to party, and doesn't like cheaters, liars, traitors.

History: Her parents died wen she was little. She doesn't remember much about them. The rest is a blur for her. One of the only things she remebers is when she was 13, she came to the academy.

Family: deceased

Crush: open

Boyfriend: none

Other: open

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Full Name: Celeste Monet

Age/DOB: 17 12/21/95

Sex: female

Appearance: she has curly red hair and brown eyes. She is a slender girl and around 5'7". Will add pic later

Personality: Celeste is fiesty and fierce. She speaks her mind and stands up for what she believes in. Celeste is stubborn and hardheaded sometimes. She has trouble trusting people. Celeste is tough and clever. She is very determined and spirited. To her loved ones, she is kind, compassionate, and very loyal.

Likes: Classic rock, weapons, old cars, and movies
Dislikes: strigoi, liars, bullies, cheery people

History: She didnt find out what she was until she was fourteen. Her mom was full blooded and she was murdered by a strigoi. Her father sent her here. Her dad and her four year old brother are still alive.

Family: dad and little brother

Crush: open

Boyfriend: none

Other: she is not a morning person

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Rose (guardian-hathaway) | 9 comments Full Name: Genessa Scott Dawes

Age/DOB: 16, 11/01/95

Sex: Female

Appearance: 5'3" (short), Stunning blue eyes (like her sister Angeline), dark blonde hair, curvy figure, broad shouldered but still feminine-looking, is a little more tanned than most dhampirs.

Personality: Unlike Angeline, she doesn't have a problem with respecting rules and keeping modest about her fighting ability. She's slightly sarcastic, but it's usually light, and people admit that she's one of the best novices in their year. She isn't easily persuaded to do things, and sometimes, this results in her being slightly "harassed" by some of the male novices. Quite a few guys are interested in Genessa.

Likes: Sparring, rock music and tiramisu ice cream.

Dislikes: Weak-minded people, bragging and some of the male novices.

History: She was born from a Keepers family, sister to dhampir Angeline Dawes. She was 14 when she decided she wanted to go to an Academy and grow up to be a promised guardian. Obviously refused, she ran away, but not before bumping into Angeline. Going against her usual personality, Genessa was forced to fight Angeline, who was a year younger and didn't want to let her go. She left her sister groaning on the ground, and eventually made it to the Academy. She has stayed on campus most of the time, but has a place rented where she stays on break occasionally. Her family rarely speak of her.

Family: Sarah - mother, Raymond - father, Angeline - sister, Joshua - brother.

Crush: No-one yet.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None.

Other: Genessa is one of the few people that can make Angeline flinch when mentioned. She is also so good in her combat classes because back when she was with the Keepers and their sloppy training, every night she would go off on her own and practise her own moves.

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Alyrica Noviko | 3 comments deleted user wrote: "ALL the chraacrers must be accepted by me before you roleplay.
Please delete the "." From the HTML format before you post.

Full Name: Alyrca Grace Novik

Age/ DOB:06/05/80



Personality: 5 or more senta..."

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Alyrica Noviko | 3 comments sex:female
appearance: red hair, emerald green eyes, little bit tan, {dhampir}curvy
personality:easy going, laid back unless otherwise called for, I like novels, sparing,music(all kinds)and I have been told I'm a great listener. I am a fierce friend too. I want to be a guardian. Im a little tense at test time for school.

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