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ALL the chraacrers must be accepted by me before you roleplay.
Please delete the "." From the HTML format before you post.

<.b> Full Name: <./b>

<.b>Age/ DOB:<./b>


<.b>Power:<./b> Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and EXTREMLY RARE Spirit


<.b>Personality:<./b> 5 or more sentances required.

<.b>Likes/ dislikes:<./b>

<.b>History:<./b> 5 or more sentences required.





**Please keep the male/female count even!

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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Full Name: Alexander (Alex)

Age/ DOB: 17, 1/19/95

Sex: Male

power: Earth


Personality: He is really nice and likes to joke around at times. When he has to, he can be really serious. Once ALex starts something nothing can stop him from finishing it. Because he's friendly he makes friends eaisily. At times he can be mischeivus.

Likes/ dislikes: He's the type of person who likes almost everything. He likes to read, and to go somewhere and have fun.

History: He keeps his past to himself, only those that he trusts complety know about it.

Family: None

Crush: None

Girlfriend: None


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Elizabeth (fantasynerd365) Okay. I'm done.

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) Full Name: Caroline Grace Sparks

Age/ DOB: 17, 2/15/95

Sex: Female

Power: Earth


Personality: She is an extremely smiley person and brightens everyone's day. She is also rather sarcastic and hates bullies. If you mess with her she has quite a sharp tongue.

Likes/ dislikes: She likes martial arts and sketching. She is really good at both, but she is no where as good of a fighter as Dhampirs are.

History: Caroline was ostracized by her parents for being so different from the rest of her family. She doesn't talk to them very much and uses Sparks for her last name instead of their last name. She goes to the academy because her parents want to keep her away from them. She usually doesn't listen and stays in the outside world.

Family: Her parents, but they aren't very close.

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Other: She can read facial expressions really well and can figure out secrets rather easily. She keeps a little black book to write those secrets in. Everyone wants her book, but no one wants the book in someone else's hands. They're to afraid to have their secrets exposed.

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Please add power you guys!

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Wʀɛռ (Cactus_Wren) kk edited

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Belle | 6 comments Full Name: Angel Taylor Zeklos

Age/ DOB: 17, 2/16/95

Sex: Female

Power: Water

Appearance: I had a picture, but everytime I try it doesn't work. Pale, curly shoulder-length red hair, light blue eyes, full rosy lips, very porcelain doll-like

Personality: Delicate, doesn't approve of violence or bullying. Shy at first, but opens up once she gets to know you. Smart for her age. Listens well and cares about everyone. Vulnerable, but knows how to be tough.

Likes: Art, animals, nature, quiet spaces, friends
Dislikes: Violence, bullies, quick judgments, secrets

History: She grew up with her parents in Michigan, right near Lake Superior. She's an only child and her family has a lot of money due to royalty, but she doesn't advertise it. She came to St. Vladimirs in kindergarten and goes home every summer. Even though she's royal, she's not a part of "that group" and is only friends with the people who seek her out, because she is shy. The friends that she does have she cares for greatly and they all love her like she's their little sister. She hates being compared to the rest of the Zeklos because she knows she's nothing like them.

Family: Two parents, Vanessa and Michael Zeklos. The rest of the Zeklos (I only know about Jesse)

Crush: Open

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Open

Other: She's really sensitive to emotional space but it's not an extra power. She always sits under a tree in the courtyard and sketches to clear her head.

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Belle | 6 comments

This is the URL for the photo I was talking about

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