Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Did you cry during Breaking Dawn part 1: The movie?

I'll have to admit: I didn't cry, I fell asleep...

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Pam Terry yes, alot
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Yes it was so good

Abby (last edited Oct 03, 2012 06:07PM ) Sep 28, 2012 09:39PM   0 votes
I didnt cry, i was embarassed and turned it off halfway through. Like when Bella found out she was pregnant i was like >.< ahhh. And then turned it off
I dont like the movies, i prefer the books. Their more detailed and not as cheesy.

Keri (last edited Sep 22, 2012 11:48AM ) Sep 22, 2012 11:47AM   0 votes
Nope. In fact, I found the movie completely boring and nowhere near as good as the previous three movies. The only thing I think that was worth seeing in this one was the wedding. Then again, the book was just as bad so not much to work with I suppose. I am really hoping that final film will be good.

Olivia yea i hope the last part, would be good as well.
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I did :P

eu não chorei mas esse livro faz você ter várias emoções .Conforme o capítulo..

I did,I guess it was because I was pregnant at the time and I could see myself in Bella...

I didn't

No, but I about had a tearless breakdown when Jacob started crying when he thought Bella was dead. It was heartwrenching, and this is coming from someone who didn't particularly enjoy the first three movies.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH no. the book was so much better! :O

I did cry a bit when Jacob started crying. Seeing him cry was just too much.

No NOT AT ALL.... The movies get better but they are all a bit cheesy... But I love the saga... The plot....premise...characters are all can't help but get sucked in...

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No. It was awkward the whole time. Especially when they had sex and stuff. My mom was with me.

Oh gosh the books mean so much to me... the love they had for each other, the story, the baby, Jacob imprinting, it all meant so much and the story alone makes me emotional. And then to go through each movie and see it come to life before my eyes, even if it wasn't as good, it still made me emotional. I fell in deep love with Robert as Edward, as I had never seen him in anything, so that just added to it and how it made me feel.
So....since i had waited years to see them two get married, when she started walking down the aisle, i cried like a baby right there in the movie theater! Lol. That song didn't help either. It was perfect!!


i did but only because i remembered how sad it was in the book

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If by cry you mean laugh, than yes.

It was good, but I didn't cry while watching it.

i didnt.

i nearly did, i had to remind myself

*you've read the book, she comes back everything will be fine* :)

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I cried a lot during this movie. I cried during the wedding, when Edward said "You give me no chose, when Jacob walked outside and was crying, when Jacob imprinted, and pretty much the whole ending.

no i really didn't it was kinda sad but a very good movie

i didnt cry ... cuz it wasnt wat i expected

I didn't cry cause i found it disappointing. I was waiting for it for so long and when i finally got to watched it i was so disappointed and pissed off. Like i did not like it at all. I had so many problems with it. To make it worst i was mostly looking forward to breaking dawn then all the other ones cause outta all the books, besides twilight, breaking dawn was my fav and while i'm at it, i honestly didn't like done of them except for twilight, twilight was so bad after i read the book. My most problem with twilight was i knew what they changed or switched around and what not but the other movies i it was more than that that i had a problem with for example their make-up was done horrible, they could have done it soo much better. The only thing i looked forward to and didn't have a prob with was Jacob, everything else i had a prob with.

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Cry? Heck no I laughed! Wow that sounds cruel...

i did for the first time during a movie i was like what is wrong with me

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