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message 2: by lafon حمزة (new)

lafon حمزة نوفل (lafon) | 3557 comments Got it. That author needs general clean up anyway.

message 3: by John (new)

John O'Neill | 6 comments Help! please Author--John O'Neill

I have two books--Baby Girl Lauren and Blue Death--I was trying to combine the 3 editions of Baby Girl Lauren and somehow they were combined with the 2 editions of Blue Death also; can someone please help me undo this? thanks

message 4: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 4875 comments #3 Done

message 5: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi, I was wondering if someone could combine this book

with this one?

And actually, the first book is under the wrong "John Goode"
Is the correct author.

Also, this book >>>
belongs to the John I linked to as well.

thanks so much to anyone that can fix this.

message 6: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10790 comments 5 done

message 7: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi can someone please combine This book (I think it's the paperback?)

to this one? Oh and add the same cover?

Thanks. :)

message 8: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2443 comments Got 7

Actually it was a Kindle edition (looks like the user who added it meant to select ebook and picked library binding which is the next option on the list)

message 9: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi, can someone please combine this book,

to this?

thanks! :)

message 10: by Koenraad (new)

Koenraad (koenraadkelemen) | 4875 comments #9 done

message 11: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi... well.. this isn't really a combination request... more like a combination issue..

um, Well this book:

Even though she kept a series name, I think belongs on it's separate shelf. The author said that it has been COMPLETELY changed from the original and is a whole new book (will be a whole new series). The first "edition" was contemporary while this new edition is supernatural with werewolves.

So I guess What I'm asking is if you could make it separate?


message 12: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Can someone please combine this book (seems it's the paperback)

with this version? Thanks.

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2443 comments Judianna wrote: "Can someone please combine this book (seems it's the paperback)

with this version? Thanks."

and cover added

message 14: by Neko (new)

message 15: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Can you also combine this
and this

book as well?
Many thanks!

message 16: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2443 comments Got 14

message 18: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 2443 comments Got 17

message 20: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10790 comments 19 done

message 21: by G. (new)

G. Knecht (gbruceknecht) | 2 comments Hello, can you please combine the ebook and hardcover editions of Grand Ambition? This is the link to the ebook edition --

Also, the publisher is Simon & Schuster and not Free Press. Can you please fix?

Thank you!

message 22: by destini (new)

destini | 41 comments 21 done

message 23: by G. (new)

G. Knecht (gbruceknecht) | 2 comments Destini wrote: "21 done"

Many thanks!

message 24: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi, Can someone please combine this author page and add the book too?
She's the same author... I don't know how it ended separated. :P


with this on

message 25: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hello, can someone please combine this author page too.

with this

It was spelled wrong and added as a new author.

Also please add the one book there with this series....

this book (book 3)
to this series


oh yeah, all info of that book is here:

message 26: by Catalina (last edited Apr 05, 2013 04:20PM) (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments #25 ready

#24 was already done.

message 27: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi can someone please combine this

& this book?

They're the same thing but one was spelled wrong and put under "anthology" instead of all the authors names...


message 28: by Sandra (last edited Apr 06, 2013 12:30AM) (new)

Sandra | 23147 comments Judianna, Total-e-Bound doesn't produce 2 ebooks of the same book. And as it isn't listed on Amazon ie kindle yet, the one marked anthology should be deleted, not combined.

I'll list it in the right thread for you.

ETA: I noticed there were people reading it, so I combined it then deleted it, so those people now have the correct book.

message 29: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi,
Can someone please add this book

under this authors name?

Also, can you add this cover to it:

Thank you!

message 30: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie (maopyon) | 16 comments #29 Done.

Also, nice Ritsuka avatar. :3

message 31: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (fredericknoronha) | 6 comments Please could you add some covers to your lists?

message 32: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments リゼット wrote: "#29 Done.

Also, nice Ritsuka avatar. :3"

LOL, Thank you! <3

message 33: by Catalina (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments Re 31: please provide the ISBNs/ASINs of the books that need cover

message 36: by Girish (new)

Girish (girish1m) | 1 comments @Frederick: Added both the covers. Btw is the latter one (Another Goa) available in an ebook format?

message 37: by Sophia (new)

Sophia DeLuna (sophiadeluna) | 3 comments Hi,
I'm sorry, but it seems I made a mistake. I joined this group to be able to combine two entries of the same book (my book "The Little Owl", which I published and added here yesterday, and which someone else added today instead of rating the book that I had already uploaded - it's not two different editions, it's the very same book, just added twice. But now they are still not really combined, they appear as two editions, and I can't add the ISBN number to the one that shows first.
Is there a way to really combine them? OR to put an ISBN in the other one as well?
This is the link to the book:
Help is greatly appreciated.
Again, I'm sorry if I messed things up!

message 38: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (fredericknoronha) | 6 comments Would be grateful if anyone could add these books to the lists. I can offer pointers to cover, most of which are here

Colonialism, Migration and the International Catholic Goan Community (S. Mascarenhas-Keyes ISBN 978-93-80739-31-1 Rs. 395.)

Goan Pioneers in Bombay (Teresa Albuquerque ISBN 978-93-80739-23-6 Rs 295)

Into the Diaspora Wilderness (Selma Carvalho ISBN 978-93-80739-02-1 282 pp. Rs. 345.) Looks at Goan migration in the English speaking world. 2e.

Songs of the Surviors (Yvonne Vaz-Ezdani ISBN 978-81-905682-4-1 Rs. 295. Pp 290. Pb.) The story of Goans in Burma in 1942.

The Last Prabhu: A hunt for roots -- DNA, ancient documents and migration in Goa (Bernardo Elvino de Sousa ISBN 978-93-80739-15-1 Rs. 195. Pp 172. Pb.)

As Dear As Salt (Reyna Sequeira). Goa was once famous for its salt. Authored by a researcher who has focussed on this topic since 1992 and did her Ph.D on salt-farming communities in three villages (Agarvaddo in Pernem, Batim in Tiswadi and Arpora in Bardez). ISBN 978-93-80739-61-8 Rs 400

Goa: Folklore Studies (P. Phaldesai ISBN 978-93-80739-22-9 Rs. 295. Pp 280)

Mapusa: Yesterday and Today – A Reminiscent Tour (Domnic P.F. Fernandes. ISBN 978-93-80739-43-4 Rs 350. 2012.)

Land of the Sal Tree: Stories of the history, legends and traditions of Saligao, a typical Goan village. (Fr Nascimento J. Mascarenhas Illus: Mel D'Souza ISBN 978-93-80739-35-9 312 pp. Rs 350) A book on Saligao village.

Beyond the Beach: The Village of Arossim, Goa, in Historical Perspective (Themistocles D'Silva ISBN 978-93-80739-10-6 Rs. 195 Pp 176. Pb.)

Picture-Postcard Poverty: Unheard voices, forgotten issues from rural Goa (Mani/ Noronha ISBN 978-81-905682-8-9 Rs. 150. Pp 130. Pb.)

Another Goa (Frederick Noronha ISBN 978-81-90568-27-2 Rs. 245. Pp 192. Pb.)

Domnic's Goa (Domnic Fernandes ISBN 978-81-904640-0-0 Rs. 350. Pp 264.)

It's Been A Long Day: A Nonagenarian Remembers (Irene Heredia, ISBN 978-93-80739-44-1, Pp 144. Rs 195, 2012.)

Goa’s Liberation and Thereafter: Chronicles of a Fragmented Life (Suresh Kanekar 978-93-80739-30-4 Rs. 295. Pp 276. Pb.)

Everything is Grace. The Diary of an International Immigrant Priest. George Aranha. ISBN 978-93-80739-54-0. Rs 400.

Battles Waged, Lasting Dreams (Silvia Braganca ISBN 978-93-80739-19-9 Rs. 350. Pp 560 Pb.) On Aquino Braganza, who fought for the cause of Black Africa.

Patriotism in Action: Goans In India's Defence Services (Valmiki Faleiro ISBN 978-93-80739-06-9 Rs. 600. Pp 344. Pb.)

Mansion of Glass: The GKB Story (K.G. Gupta ISBN 978-93-80739-08-3 Rs. 400)

Girls in Green: Memories from St Mary's (ISBN 978-81-90568-22-7 Rs. 120. Pp 116.)

Undra Muja Mama Folk Songs of Goa: An Anthology of Dulpods (Dr Jose Pereira, Micael Martins, Antonio Costa ISBN 978-93-80739-26-7 Pp 220. Pb. Rs. 295.)

Song of Goa Crown of Mandos (same authors as above, Pp 496. Hb. ISBN 978-93-80739-03-8 Rs. 550.)

When the Curtains Rise (Andre Rafael Fernandes ISBN 978-93-80739-01-4 Rs. 195. Pp 216. Pb.) On the tiatr, a vibrant form of modern Indian theatre.

Medieval Goa: A Socio-Economic History (Teotonio R de Souza Rs. 395 pb. Rs 495 hb.)

Oriente e Ocidente na Literatura Goesa (Dr Eufemiano de Jesus Miranda ISBN 978-93-80739-24-3 328 pp. Rs 395) All about Goan writing in Portuguese.

Modern Goan Literature Pivoting On the Point of Return: An Anthology (Peter Nazareth (ed.) ISBN 978-81-90568-25-8 Rs. 395. Pp 478. Pb.) Fascinating anthology.

Mirror to Goa (Donna J Young ISBN 978-81-90568-21-0 Rs. 195. Pp 178. Pb.) An American look at the work of Goan fiction.

Francisco Luis Gomes 1829-1869 A Select Reader (Luis Assis Correia, ed. ISBN 978-93-80739-28-1 Rs. 350 pb Rs 500 hb. Pp 456.) Includes full-text translation of the novel Os Brahamanes.

Written in Stone: Jesuit buildings in Goa and their artistic and architectural features. (Cristina Osswald. ISBN 978-93-80739-16-8 Pp 400 Rs 400)

Passion in Paradise: Modern Day Catholicism in Goa (Christina Fernandes. ISBN 978-93-80739-46-5 Pp 80. Hb. Colour. Rich in photographs. Rs 250)

My Journeys Through Wonderland (Brenda Rodrigues ISBN 978-93-80739-37-3 436 pp. Rs 450.) Accounts of an avid globetrotter.

In Black and White: Insiders' Stories about the press in Goa (ISBN 978-81-905682-0-3 Rs. 195.) Looks at the media over four decades.

Right to Information: A Step-by-Step Guidebook (Nandini Sahai & Vishnu Rajgadia ISBN 978-93-80739-39-7 200 pp. Rs 295) 2e.

The Art of Coconut Craft (Vijaydatta Lotlikar ISBN 978-81-90568-23-4 Rs. 195. Pb. Illustrated.)

The Rise of India (Eugenio Monteiro ISBN 978-93-80739-20-5 Rs. 295. Pp 352. Pb.)

Stay Safe, Cybercitizen! (Lucius Lobo, Illustrated by Vijay Kumar Kakade. ISBN 978-93-80739-29-8 Rs 200)

Follow Me: Volume III (Fr Nascimento J. Mascarenhas ISBN 978-93-80739-00-7 Rs. 345 hb. Pp xx + 428.) Details on the churches of Salcete and Mormugao.

Stray Mango Branches.... (short stories). Fatima Noronha. ISBN 978-93-80739-59-5. Rs 200. Charming short stories and reminiscences “with Goan sap”. Rs 200

A Matter of Time. Brenda Coutinho ISBN 978-93-80739-58-8. Going down memory lane and reminding us what it was like growing up in a village in the Goa of the 1980s. Rs 200.

Consequences. By Nigel Fernandes. A suspense-thriller. ISBN 978-93-80739-62-5 Rs 200

Puck y los Mil y Un Sueños de un Solstico de Verano: Una Historia Magica de Goa (In Spanish. Ana Machado de Dios. ISBN 978-93-80739-53-3) Also as Puck and the Thousand and One Midsummer Dreams: A Magical History of Goa (Ana Machado de Dios ISBN 978-93-80739-52-6 Rs 495. Hb. Pp 220) Ebook versions.

Just Matata: A Novel Set in Kenya and Goa (Braz Menezes ISBN 978-93-80739-36-6 304 pp. Rs 295)

Pirates! Beware! (Capt. Norbert Rebello ISBN 978-93-80739-34-2 342 pp. Rs 395)

The Cry of the Kingfisher (Belinda Viegas ISBN 978-93-80739-13-7 Rs. 195. Pb.)

Shades Within Shadows: (Alan Machado ISBN 978-93-80739-32-8 Rs. 350. Pp 276.)

The Tulsi... and other Short Stories from Goa (Edila Gaitonde ISBN 978-93-80739-25-0 Rs. 195) Stories of Goa.

Inside/Out: New Writing from Goa. (J. Lourenco/H. Dirkin, eds. Rs. 195. ISBN 978-93-80739-11-3)

Goa Masala An Anthology of Stories by Canadian Goans (Ben Antao, ed. ISBN 978-93-80739-04-5 Rs. 195. Pp 272. Pb.)

Skin. A Novel. (Margaret Mascarenhas ISBN 978-93-80739-05-2 Rs. 295.)

The Sting of Peppercorns: A novel (Antonio Gomes ISBN 978-81-90568-29-6 Rs. 295. Pp 296.)

Off-side (John Aguiar ISBN 978-93-80739-09-0) The Perfect Match (Maria de Lima Pereira ISBN 978-93-80739-09-0 Rs. 99 Pb.)

Fuloos Plays with the Sun (Angela Ferrao, 12 pp, colour, Rs 50). A colourful story for the young about a baby camel. Ideal for 6 years and below.

Espi Mai Is Stuck Again and Other Goan Tales (Anita Pinto ISBN 978-93-80739-56-4. Rs. 195. Pp 148. Pb.) Charming short stories, for 5 to 11 year olds, all set in Goa. Large print.

Also in Konkani as Espi May Porot Xirkoli ani Goycheo her kannio (ISBN 978-93-80739-55-7 Rs. 195. Pp 144.

The Golden Gate and other stories is a set of delightful tales for everyone. Rs 195.

Fuloos Plays With the Sun. Children's. ISBN 978-93-80739-57-1

Cozinha de Goa: history and tradition of Goan food (Fátima da Silva Gracias ISBN 978-93-80739-40-3 Rs. 295.) The definitive work on the history of Goan food. 2e

Goan Recipes and More (Odette Mascarenhas ISBN 978-93-908116-5-9 Rs. 399. Pp 238. Pb.) Printed fully in colour.

Delights of Goa (Alda Figueiredo ISBN 978-93-80739-21-2. Rs. 195. Pp 162. Pb. Large size.) Lovely book of Goan recipies.

Kornelia's Kitchen: Mediterranean Cooking for India (Kornelia Santoro ISBN 978-93-80739-07-6 Rs. 295)

Whispers of the Heart (Capt N. Rebello, ISBN 978-93-80739-38-9 64pp hb. Rs 195)

message 39: by Catalina (last edited Jun 10, 2013 11:19AM) (new)

Catalina | 2065 comments Re 37: Sorted

Re 38: I added the first book: I'll add some more later.

message 40: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (fredericknoronha) | 6 comments Thanks Catalina!

message 41: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (last edited Jun 10, 2013 02:13PM) (new)

rivka | 41973 comments Mod
Pinterest can NOT be used as a cover source (unless the source of the pinned image is a scan made by the owner of the Pinterest page and that person is also the requester here).

message 42: by Frederick (new)

Frederick (fredericknoronha) | 6 comments It's my Pinterest page. And I'm requesting it too.

message 43: by Sophia (new)

Sophia DeLuna (sophiadeluna) | 3 comments Thank you, Catalina!
(There's still another cover showing in 'other editions', however, when I click on it it says 'could not find this book', so I assume that it's just a matter of time till the cover disappears, right?)

A question on the side ... On the home page and when I click on My Books on the dashboard it says that The Little Owl has 2 ratings (which also matches with the total rating count), however, in every other place it only shows 1 rating ... Do you know if it is just a matter of time till it shows everywhere? Or is this a glitch?


message 44: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41973 comments Mod
Sophia wrote: "There's still another cover showing in 'other editions', however, when I click on it it says 'could not find this book', so I assume that it's just a matter of time till the cover disappears, right?"

Correct. That section is cached and takes a couple days to catch up.

message 45: by Sophia (new)

Sophia DeLuna (sophiadeluna) | 3 comments Thanks for the info, Rivka :)

message 46: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi~
Can you please combine this book
with this book?

Thanks so much! :3

message 47: by Fernandes (new)

Fernandes | 27 comments #46 Done

message 48: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi,
Can someone please combine all these three books?

They're all the same, just one is a kindle release, ebook and paperback.
Also, please add the cover to the ebook edition.

Thank you. :)

message 49: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10790 comments 48 done

message 50: by Neko (new)

Neko (loveless3173) | 22 comments Hi, can someone please combine these books. :)
Thank you.
and this

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