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message 1: by Jus (new)

Jus Accardo | 42 comments Mod
My personal fave is the first time Kale sneaks into Dez's room. What about everyone else?

message 2: by Jus (new)

Jus Accardo | 42 comments Mod
Jenna wrote: "The first kiss scene! I have read it over and over like twenty times ROFL"

I love that one, too.

message 3: by Sam (new)

Sam (scbooks19) | 10 comments I loved the steamy moment that Dez and Alex shared! Also knowing why he broke off their relationship...that's love!.

message 4: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (stace1129) | 3 comments I have to agree, my favorite is the one where Kale sneaks into Dez's room and it starts to get a little steamy. I wanted so much more to happen!

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (ivashkovlover) | 15 comments I love the first kiss scene where he asks Dez to show him different kisses. Also loved when Kale went into her bedroom and how he told Alex "We took off our shirts." LOL

message 6: by Krisztina (new)

Krisztina (greylupus) | 15 comments "And there was peace."
I think I told everything about my fav scene:).
But besides it, I can't choose from the scenes where Dez and Kale were together. All of them were really funny and I have melted always, when Kale commented something:).

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