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Untreed Reads (untreedreads) | 985 comments Mod
It takes superior world building skills to entice readers back to the scene of misery and destruction:

The action was well-paced. Just enough details were given about what was happening in the rest of the world to keep this reader interested but I never felt bogged down by unnecessary subplots. The information that was provided could easily be expanded into a sequel or full-length novel in the future, though, and I’d be excited to read it if Mr. King ever decides to return to this universe.

The full review is up at Long and Short Reviews and we have a book excerpt at Untreed Reads.

Blood Mercury by Malachi King

The whole world has been terrorized and we wallow in terrible fear of getting sick. We placed our faith in medicine and now we pray for redemption. That’s why our police kidnap the sick and send them to the furnaces.

After we conquered a return of the Black Death, our scientists celebrated the triumph of modern medicine and the awesome power of antibiotics. But our bodies became weaker and the bugs became stronger and soon they were immune to anything our doctors could throw at them. It wasn’t long until just the right conditions, high mercury levels in our food to be precise, came along and gave the super germs the breeding grounds for the elimination of the human race. That’s what’s happening to the United States; that’s what happening to my family.

First, Dad went missing, presumably dead overseas, then Mom caught the common cold and the Sanitary Police came and took her. Now I’m all alone. And I’m tired of wasting away, day-by-day, waiting for my turn to fall ill and be taken to the incinerators. I’ve decided I’m going to rescue her, even if it means the death of all of us. She deserves it. I deserve it. And the whole world deserves another chance to live.

A short story.

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Chris Bauer (chrisbauerattnet) | 9 comments This is a great premise. I noted you also have also published with Untreed. Could you send a FRIEND request? Chris Bauer Stories.

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