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bugs > Inconsistent Review Count in Goodreads API and Review Widget

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message 1: by Sudharsan (new)

Sudharsan | 5 comments Hi,

The number of reviews displayed in the widget does not seem to be consistent with the review counts returned from the API.

The review counts for the same book through goodreads Review Widget and
goodreads API call. The widget displays the review count as 6170, where as the API displays as 6172 (work_text_reviews_count).

Is this the intended behavior ? or is there a specific reason for this behavior?


message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric Lin (ericlin) Hi Sudharsan,

These number of reviews for a book are not updated in real time. This is the most likely explanation for the counts not matching up.

There are a few reasons that could cause this: we could be hitting a cache of the work, the reviews could have been added between one request and another (this one is more likely for the super popular books), or the count could not have been updated yet (this value is recalculated periodically).

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