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Will Ruch | 3 comments Please provide:
* Title: HR and Marketing Power Partners
* Author(s) name(s) Will Ruch and Pat Nazemetz
* ISBN (or ASIN) 978-0-9856053-0-8
* Publisher Versant, Inc.
* Publication date 7/31/2012
* Format Paperback

HR and Marketing have transformed themselves into disciplines with a strategic voice. Now it’s time they team up for even greater business performance. HR and Marketing: Power Partners will energize a new relationship based on a shared interest in loyalty and engagement. Power Partners is the brainchild of real-life collaborators Patricia Nazemetz, former CHRO, Xerox Corporation and Will Ruch, CEO of Versant, a full-service branding and marketing firm. Nazemetz and Ruch joined forces on internal branding that inspired employee loyalty, commitment and 110% effort. Through in-depth interviews with the nation’s top executives, Nazemetz and Ruch share the secrets to HR-Marketing collaboration and the business value it can bring to every organization.

Social media has moved branding into the hands of individuals, leaving corporations to participate in, rather than control, their own reputation. How do organizations respond in this changing environment to ensure that customer loyalty and employee commitment will continue?
HR and Marketing: Power Partners shines light on the power HR and Marketing have to achieve these business goals by driving their corporate brand together. For HR professionals, Power Partners is a valuable resource on ways to re-invent the employee value proposition to reach today’s talent pool. It’s also a must-read for marketing executives and corporate leaders who recognize that talent is what ultimately fuels business success.

For HR executives and frontline leaders
• Power up your talent acquisition and retention
• Inspire loyalty, commitment and 110% effort
• Drive talent strategy that adds direct business value

For Marketing professionals
• Make your brand a talent magnet
• Engage employees that can reflect the brand
• Build customer loyalty

For Corporate leaders
• Attract the talent that fuels business strategy
• Align employees with business goals
• Create your competitive advantage

* Link to cover on a NON-BOOKSELLER site,

message 3: by Will (new)

Will Ruch | 3 comments Amara wrote: "Here you go."

Thank you!

message 4: by Will (new)

Will Ruch | 3 comments Can you also add the AUTHOR INFORMATION:

Will Ruch is CEO and Managing Partner of Versant, a marketing communications firm with offices in Milwaukee and New York. Building on Versant’s 50 year heritage of advertising, marketing and communication solutions, Will has established a Versant specialty practice in strategic communications that drives employee engagement and business results. Through work with Thomson Reuters, Xerox, General Motors, Northwestern Mutual, Aurora Health, Lincoln Financial, Kohl’s, Journal Communications, Wisconsin banks, law firms, and over 20 acquisition integrations, Versant has become a leader in integrated communication strategies that align and engage employees around the culture and goals of their organizations, and drive business growth.

With expertise in strategies and tactics such as employer branding and diverse workforces, Will is a knowledge leader on results-focused workforce communications that recruit, retain and engage high-performing talent. He is the co-author with Patricia Nazemetz, former CHRO of Xerox, of HR and Marketing: Power Partners. In Partners, Will and Pat combine their expertise in talent strategy and cutting-edge communication with insights from more than 25 HR, marketing and business leaders on proven ways to engage your employees as marketers, bring your brand to life, and drive your organization’s growth.

Versant has received several awards for its own workplace excellence, including the National Healthy Workplace Award from the American Psychological Association, the Healthy Workplace Award from the Wisconsin Psychological Association and numerous Best Places to Work Awards. Versant strives to create a positive, productive and fulfilling environment for its associates.

Will has presented or keynoted at more than 100 national seminars and conferences, including ACG Intergrowth, the National Retail Federation, Society for Human Resource Management, venture capital conferences, and Manpower webinars. He is an ACG Board member, an active community volunteer, and serves on a number of area boards.

Patricia M. Nazemetz, Principal of NAZ DEC LLC, spent over 30 years in the HR field, primarily at Xerox, and held the top HR role at Xerox through four CEOs. As CHRO, Pat orchestrated ground breaking succession planning, talent and compensation management strategies during Xerox’s life-saving transformation. Under Pat’s leadership, Xerox HR produced historic, leading edge results: the first black female CEO of a Fortune 500, and the first woman to succeed a woman. Her understanding of the talents of each CEO, and how they aligned with the characteristics needed to lead Xerox, was critical in their selection and their respective success.

Pat is a thought leader in the talent strategies required to achieve next generation leadership. She sees the leaders of Workforce 2020 as agile, "right brain", big picture thinkers who will use these characteristics to lead and inspire a more diverse and complex workforce. She believes that a global, mobile, tech savvy workforce who are passionate about their work and communities of practice must be engaged in new, honest and compelling ways.

Pat is the co-author with Will Ruch, CEO and Managing Partner of Versant, of HR and Marketing: Power Partners. Pat and Will joined forces for nearly a decade on internal branding and communication that inspired employee loyalty, commitment and discretionary effort at Xerox. In Partners, Pat and Will combine their expertise in innovative talent strategy and cutting-edge communication with insights from more than 25 of the nation’s top executives on the power of the HR-Marketing partnership to engage employees and ultimately, produce better business results.

Pat shares her insight into the talent strategy behind Xerox’s turnaround and her HR best practices expertise through speakerships, coaching and mentoring nationwide. She serves on the boards of WMS Industries, Inc., an electronic gaming and amusement company, Catholic Health Services of Long Island, a network of not-for-profit hospitals, and Fordham University, her alma mater as well as TransforMED, an organization committed to revitalizing the practice of Family Medicine.

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