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message 1: by Charise (new)

Charise Hey this book looks good. Are you enjoying it?

I ordered the new Kathy Reichs book and 'T' by Grafton. I also oredered one recommended by Girl Snoops. Can't recall the name but sounded good.

'chris d Hi, Charise-I gave it 3 stars. It depends how much of a purist you are.

message 3: by Isa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Isa I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it enough to say--give it a try. It was a good read!

Lisa Westerfield I thought this book would be fun if the characters weren't those originally established by Austen. However they were and the story was off the chart in unbelievable antics - particularly for one Miss Mary Bennet.

Rose I have to agree with Maggie above ... Jane would be rolling in her grave (if that's possible). I was very sorry I read this as it put an indelible mark on my mind. Was sad to see the author take this direction when it could have been done in much better taste. My two cents. :)

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