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message 1: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki Pied Piper- Tsuki
Steadfast Tin Soldier- Cara

message 2: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki Big Bad Wolf- Reilly

message 3: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki Robin Hood- Jameson

message 4: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki Prince charming- Becky

message 5: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki Girl from the east of the sun the west from the moon- Maeve

message 6: by Reilly (new)

Reilly (victorygodess) | 3 comments do you want any other characters i would be happy too make some

message 7: by Tsuki (new)

Tsuki If you wish to make another character feel free. Seeing as we've got 6 people we could probably start rp soon.

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