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message 1: by Nike (last edited Sep 04, 2012 10:51AM) (new)

Nike Chillemi | 480 comments Mod
If you want a chain of authors to tweet about your novel go to the Grace Awards Club on Facebook.

Click on the "files" tab and go to that day's tweets.

You can add up to 3 tweets each day. You must put your tweets at the bottom of the list. And you must tweet the entire list or schedule it for tweeting on TweetDeck, or something similar.

Here's the link to the Grace Awrds Group on FB.

message 2: by Nike (new)

Nike Chillemi | 480 comments Mod
The Grace Awards Tweet Chain is now in it's second day with seven authors participating tweeting each others' tweets.

That's seven times the reach on Twitter.

Get in on the action. Let others tweet for you as you tweet for them.

Join the Grace Awards group on Facebook.

Click on the "files" tab. Click on "edit doc". Add up to three tweets per day at the bottom of the list. Don't forget to save. Must save. Then tweet everyone's tweets on the list. That's it. They will also tweet yours.

If you get on the list early...go back later in the day and tweet for later authors.

Easy Peasy.

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