Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) Clockwork Princess question

My heart is aching
Sarah Sarah Sep 03, 2012 06:04AM
Is there anyone the same as me, that has an aching heart waiting for the next book. I love these books, I also love Will & Tessa together, but know why she has chosen Jem at the moment. Either of these lovely boys would be the choice. All I know is I want this book now, I am in need of this story & ache for this lovely story to continue. I love my romance & have quite a few series on the go at the moment. All I know is this is one that I long to continue, no matter how many lovely books I read to fill in the void. I can't believe it's still 6 months till Clockwork Princess, what are you doing to me.

@Estelle, @Jessica, @Sarah. I Couldn't agree with you guys anymore than what you have said. I love these series from Cassandra Clare. It made me so happy when Jem popped the question of proposal to Theresa and i'm praying that he gets better because i do love these two characters together. i love all the twist and turns for the whole book and i feel that we shouldn't have to wait for the third series. i mean they have the cover design and they have a date and a story. why can't the date just be pushed up to next month or at least the end of this month. anywho, i do also keep my mind occupied as well with other novels but the one that really tickles my buttons (in a good way) is the city of bones collection which im mad about as well because for the last installment, we have to wait till 2014 for the next book... smh... but i hope you ladies enjoy it once it comes out because the moment they tell me i can pre-order the book, i'm swiping my credit card at barnes and LOL... enjoy your day ladies...

Jessica (last edited Sep 05, 2012 02:04AM ) Sep 05, 2012 02:03AM   0 votes
I absolutely LOVE this series and cannot wait until Clockwork Princess comes out (although I'm more of a Jem & Tessa sort of person but I'll be happy with whatever her decision is because I don't know what's best for her). I know what you mean, my heart is completely shattered after reading Clockwork Prince and I desperately need to know what will happen next! I also love romance series and I love books that make you cry and feel a lot of emotion (which I definitely did with this series). I always say that the best books make you fall in love with the characters and then rip your heart out and put it back together again. Since the last book isn't out yet my heart is still mending and I need it to be fixed! Meanwhile I distract myself with other series. What other series are you reading?

I'm struggling to find something else to read as well. I went for the Archangel's Consort which is helping.. :-)

Sarah I love my reading, here are some other books I love. Beautiful Disaster, Addicted, Guild Hunter Novel series ( I'm up tp no3) Angels Blood, Archangels ...more
Sep 09, 2012 07:03AM

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