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Cait Sith Fairy (WillowKeeper) | 62 comments Mod
Come here to train

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Chewy BladeStorm SharpClaw sprinted into the training feild and slammed his aXe down on a training target keeping his sheild up like it was a real fight, the axe began to glow white and burned the dummy. His tail held a tomahawk whick he whipped at another dummy taking off its head, with that he put his axe in its holder and his sheild he straped overtop he walked over to receive the tomahawk

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Chewy "I guess you know I am half warlock" Said Bladestorm.

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Chewy "I could say alot of things, but that wouldn't get me anywhere let alone a alpha. I have to earn it," Said BladeStorm.

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Chewy "Although in some ways i am lucky for example I have this axe which is vampiric, it touches them i get their life, strength, speed. for every man i kill i get better," said bladestorm, "if you want i could enchant a weapon for you, in sparing you would have to cover it but it is good in battle."

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Chewy "If you need me i will be at my house" Said BladeStorm.

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