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Copy and Paste this. Delete the "." From the Html format. All Characters need to be accepted by a mod before you begin to role-play. Mod characters don't need to be accepted.

<.b>Full name:<./b>

<.b> Nick Name:<./b> If any



<.b>Gender:<./b> Female or Male

<.b>Appearance:<./b> Anime pictures are allowed for vampires, but I'd prefer if you used actual pictures.

<.b>Personality: <./b> five-eight Sentences required

<.b>History:<./b> five- eight sentences required


<.b>Wife/Husband:<./b> Ask first

<.b>Boyfriend/Girlfriend:<./b> Ask first


<.b>Other:<./b> optional

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Full name: Keira Morelock

Birthday: January 16

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: (The seventh one)

Personality: For a vampire, Keira is pretty nice. She only drinks the blood she has to. She is tough, strong, and agile. She's fast, and hard to catch. Some people fear her, but that's not her problem. She doesn't really care what others think of her.

History: Kiera was born and raised into a pure vampire family. Her entire family was vampires, but they were killed by another family of vampires. Her family was also high up in the vampire community.

Family: none

Husband/Wife: nada

Boyfriend: Ask first

Crush: open

Other: optional

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Hazel | 59 comments Full name: Agatha Crispen

Birthday: Oct 13

Apparent Age: early 20s

Gender: Female

Appearance: a small woman, about 5'5", mousey brown hair, nothing particularly notable about her appearance. Brown eyes, usually dressed in loose fitting top and jeans.

Personality: FOIP

History: FOIP

basically, foip

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What does FOIP mean?

message 5: by Hazel (last edited Aug 29, 2012 04:39PM) (new)

Hazel | 59 comments find out in play. I have been rping for over 10 years, and I never share IC information in an OOC forum. Name and appearance are all I ever provide beforehand, as they're going to become well known reasonably quickly anyway.

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Ok, no clue what any of that means, but she's accepted

message 7: by Hazel (last edited Aug 29, 2012 04:48PM) (new)

Hazel | 59 comments IC = in character

OOC = out of character

rp = roleplay, so rping is roleplaying

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Ah. That makes sense. Anywas, your character's accepted

message 9: by Elizabeth (last edited Aug 29, 2012 05:56PM) (new)

Elizabeth (elizabeths01) Full name: Victoria Lanklin

Birthday: January 19

Age: 750 (Looks 17)

Gender: Female


Personality: Victoria is very ruthless and cunnong. She might act nice to your face, then stab you in the back. Litteraly. She sometimes disguises herself and walks among the humans.

History: no one knows

Family: none

Wife/Husband: none

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: none

Crush: none

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Victoria Accepted

message 11: by Maricrystal (last edited Sep 01, 2012 06:57PM) (new)

Maricrystal (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) Full name:She Changes her name frequently. Her real name is File Blocked

Nick Name: Tech

Birthday: December 15 ,1872

Age:She can look anywere from 17 to 21.

Gender: Female

Appearance: description

Personality: She's deceptive and kind. She'll never drink alot of blood out of a person. Sometimes when they're sleeping she would cut a small slit into they're wrists and drink slowly but never more than three seconds. No one has ever suspected she was a vampire. She still ignores the men looking at her and goes on with her life. She goes to college sometimes and leaves outstanding test scores behind her. She knows how to get what she wants.

History: She lived for a long time and is extremely wise. She had many suiters back then but she ignored them all. One night she was walking through the streets alone. One of her suiters was a vampire that wanted her badly. So he bit her and she turned into a vampire. Her appearance stayed the same except for her skin lighter and glowed in the dark. He tried to force her to love him but eventually she ran away. He's still looking for her but she knows how to hide now.

Family: All dead.

Wife/Husband: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Crush: Open


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Her name is File Blocked? Interesting..

message 13: by Maricrystal (new)

Maricrystal (ImSlytherinAndDauntlessetc) Thank you! =D

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Full Name: James Portis

Birthday: April 7th

Age: 256 (looks 18)

Gender: Male


Personality: James is cunning, smart, and caring. He has the look of an Adonis and can capture any heart of any woman. He's quick-witted when it comes to decisions and is always careful in any situation. He has a healthy diet, consisting of drinking blood only once a week.

History: James was raised in a coven and is a pureblood vampire. He was brought up to practice etiquette and be smart in every way. However, when he was five years old, his parents were killed by a bunch of humans. Ever since then, James has despised humans and does in every way to avenge them.

Family: Deceased

Wife/Husband: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Crush: Open


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Hazel | 59 comments Wise wrote: "Full Name: James Portis

Birthday: April 7th

Age: 256 (looks 18)

Gender: Male



you giving up on Evelyn? Can I kill her?

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)'ll see what I plan to do.

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Thank you!!! :D

message 19: by Sam/Applejack♆ (last edited Sep 12, 2012 02:06PM) (new)

Sam/Applejack♆ Name: Chelsi Hoffmeir

Age: 16

Gender: Feminine


Personality: Nice, funny, strong, witty, intelligent.

History: Don't ask.

Other: Nothing

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Dude, you have to add everything else.

message 21: by Sam/Applejack♆ (new)

Sam/Applejack♆ Naw I think I'm good. ;)

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Add more

message 23: by Sam/Applejack♆ (new)

Sam/Applejack♆ Fiinnnnnee

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Sam/Applejack♆ Alyssa wrote: If you don't add everything else, I will embarrass you at school in front of all your friends and make what Mia and Julia did last year seem nice.

Uhm. What exactly would you be doing to me?

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