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How many books planned for this series?

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message 1: by Riki (new)

Riki Anyone know how many books are planned for this series? Is it ongoing? Trilogy? Something else?

Pouria As far as I recall, they set out with a trilogy in mind. Think this was even printed on the copy I read.

Leviathan Wakes
Caliban's War
Abaddon's Gate


message 3: by Riki (new)

Riki Good to know. I guess I'll wait til the last book comes out :)

Pouria Should be out next year :)

Paul I think a trilogy was the original plan, but...


As you can read on Daniel Abrahams blog, Orbit has signed them on for three more Expanse-books, so it it will be 6 in total plus 5 novellas set in the same universe.

"So the big arc story that we only hoped to tell when we started Leviathan Wakes is going to get told." - Daniel Abraham

Leviathan Wakes was great, I hope they manage to maintain the quality in the upcoming books.

message 6: by Riki (new)

Riki Well, that's actually really good to know. I guess it'll be several more years. Makes it easier for me to knock out the books on my "to-read" list, haha.

Pouria oh, that's news to me. Hope they can still churn them out once a year atleast.


Vasyl Kerimov I have mixed feelings about the fact the series will last longer. I'm fan of the first books, but I'm afraid that in next ones space opera could became soap opera ruled by filler and illogicalities.

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