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Aikins/Cossey is seeking actors between 15 and 25 years of age in three B.C. casting calls in Vancouver, Victoria and Kelowna.

Candidates will receive scripts and be asked return the same day to read for a part.

Victoria: Feb. 7, Paul's Motor Inn, 1900 Douglas St., 9 a.m. to noon

Vancouver: Feb.8, Second Avenue Studios, 225 W. 2nd Ave., 9 a.m. to noon

Kelowna: Feb. 8, Delta Grand Okanagan, 1310 Water St., 9 a.m. to noon

- - -

Casting is underway in B.C. for roles in the sequel to teen vampire flick Twilight, scheduled to shoot in Vancouver this spring.

Websites io9 and MoviesOnline are both reporting the news based on a casting call ad placed on Craigslist Vancouver about an open casting call for First Nations/aboriginal actors interested in a speaking part in a major Hollywood production.

The sequel New Moon will contain parts for both male and female aboriginal actors.

The Craigslist ad uses language similar to that of New Moon casting director Rene Haynes's recent call for "any Native American teens and young adults" interested in roles in the film.

The ad says an unnamed film will be shot in Vancouver starting in mid-March until the end of May, the same period that New Moon is scheduled to be shooting.

Aikins/Cossey Casting is handling local auditions Feb. 8 at Second Avenue Studios in Vancouver.

Stuart Aikins confirmed that the roles for aboriginal teens will be in "major motion picture," which he declined to name.

New Moon continues the story of Bella Swan and her teen vampire Romeo, Edward Cullen. The Cullens flee town, leaving Bella behind at the behest of Edward who fears she may be harmed if the vampire clan stays.

Bella is sought by a Native American boy, Jacob, who turns out to be a werewolf. Members of Jacob's first nation often turn into werewolves in the presence of vampires, ensuring plenty of supernatural fireworks when the Cullens return.

The story guarantees a number of speaking roles for aboriginal actors.

Fourteen-year-old Dakota Fanning has confirmed that she is in talks to play the role of Jane, a member of the Volturi vampire clan.

Fanning has appeared in War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise and has two films coming out on Feb. 5: animated family fantasy Coraline, and Push, in which she sheds her little-girl image with a drunk scene.

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What if u look 15?

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