"In Bed" with Michael Cannell

Posted by Goodreads on October 31, 2011
No seat belts, no roll bars, just a driver's brazen skill at 150 miles per hour. The fearless men on the Grand Prix Circuit in the 1960s mercilessly pushed themselves to higher and higher speeds, a pursuit that often turned fatal: The full-throttle rivalry between Ferrari teammates Phil Hill, an American mechanic-turned-rookie driver, and Count Wolfgang von Trips, a crash-happy German aristocrat, ended in one of the most violent races in history. Journalist Michael Cannell chronicles this glamorous but deadly era of racing in The Limit, a nonfiction work about Hill and von Trips's feud. Cannell, a former New York Times editor and contributor to publications such as Sports Illustrated and The New Yorker, shares his favorite adrenaline-laced books about daredevils.

Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson
"In 1991, a ragtag team of amateur wreck divers discovered a World War II U-boat lying at a depth of 230 feet off the coast of New Jersey. The men risked their lives in a seven-year campaign to identify the wreck and retrace the lives of its victims. It's the kind of book one reads in a single sitting."

Saint-Exupéry: A Biography by Stacy Schiff
"You might know him as the author of the classic children's book The Little Prince. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was also among the earliest French aviators. This biography twines his literary life with his harrowing flights over the Sahara, the Pyrenees, and Patagonia."

Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer
"In 1943, the Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer escaped from a British internment camp in India and crossed the Himalayas, taking refuge in the isolated and otherworldly country of Tibet. This memoir recounts the 21-month trek in exhilarating detail, along with his long sojourn in Tibet where he tutored the Dalai Lama."

Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
"Here is outdoor adventure gone hideously wrong. In 1996, five climbers died when a rogue storm blew in during their final ascent on the summit of Mount Everest. Krakauer, who climbed with the group, gives a stomach-churning minute-by-minute account as careful plans unraveled and companions were left for dead."

The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean by Susan Casey
"Don't be fooled by the title. The heart of this book, written by the editor of O: The Oprah Magazine, lies not with the physics of monster waves but with the tribe of surfers who chase them in a 'global scavenger hunt.' It's oceanography and meteorology amped up with rocket rides across the faces of behemoth swells."

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