Group Moderator Guidelines

If you moderate a group on Goodreads, here are some guidelines and information that will help you.

Tips on Running Your Group

  • Fill out the group setting info and add a description and a photo for the group.
  • Organize and stimulate group discussion by creating new topics about subjects the group wants to discuss.
  • Organize discussion topics into folders if the group needs it. Only moderators can create folders and arrange their order, but any member creating a topic can decide which folder the topic goes into. To move a topic from one folder to another, click on the topic then click on 'edit' next to the topic title.
  • If your group is a bookclub, make sure to add the book you are reading to the 'currently-reading' shelf. This will make the book you are reading appear near the top of the group, and it will also list your group on the book's page and help drive new members.
  • When you discuss the book make sure to use the "add book/author" tool to make a link to the book being discussed. This will cause the discussion thread to appear on the book's page and help drive new members.

Important Instructions for Moderators

  • People use Goodreads to discuss books. We understand that imagery and explicit language is a regular part of some of this discussion. We respect people’s right to share content that is meaningful to their book-related discussions, such as photos of book settings or photos that represent feelings about a book and the characters, including erotica. If your group features explicit content (for instance, erotica groups), then your group MUST be designated for adults only (18+).
  • If a group is designated for adults only (18+) – whether it includes discussion of erotica or not - its discussion board and content can only be viewed by Goodreads members who are 18 and older.
  • Goodreads members age 17 and younger are not allowed to join groups that are designated for adults only (18+).
  • Moderators may also choose to make their adults only (18+) group “private,” in which case, a moderator must approve any Goodreads member age 18 and older who wishes to join. For groups that are not designated “private,” Goodreads members who are 18 and older can join the group without moderator approval.
  • Sexual role-play is not tolerated in any group or any other part of the site. Romance is permitted in role-play games, but pornographic content and explicitly sexual content or scenarios are not permitted. We’ve made the decision that this is not appropriate for our site.
  • If your group is designated for adults only (18+) and it comes to your attention that a member is actually 17 or younger, you MUST remove this member from the group immediately. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to us using our Contact Us form. Alternatively, visit Goodreads Help.

Moderating Discussion

  • Moderators have the power to delete any discussion post in the group, so keep the group clean. We suggest leaving all member comments except for the following: spam, porn, extremely offensive material (eg Pro-Nazi, etc), or direct personal attacks on other members. Arguing is often part of discussing, but personal attacks are not necessary. When you do delete a comment that members may miss, note you have done so and why, so members know what happened. Note that members can also edit or delete their own comments.
  • Moderators have the power to remove any member from the group. Removing a member will block them from re-joining. You can edit the group's block list from the blocked users management page.
  • Moderators can add other moderators. We suggest you do this if you aren't particularly active, or want to leave the group.
  • Moderators can give themselves, or any other moderator, a fun title! Look for the "add title" link on the members page.


  • You can add and remove moderators, and add moderator titles on the members page.
  • All moderators of a group have full moderator powers. However only the group's creator can delete a group.
  • Need some help from some fellow moderators? Join the moderator's Goodreads group here: moderator's group