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A “weird tale,” as defined by H.P. Lovecraft in his nonfiction writings and given early sanctuary within the pages of magazines like Weird Tales (est. 1923) is a story that has a supernatural element but does not fall into the category of traditional ghost story or Gothic tale, both popular in the 1800s. As Lovecraft wrote in 1927, the weird tale “has something more than secret murder, bloody bones, or a sheeted form clanking chains.” Instead, it represents the pursuit of some indefinable and perhaps maddeningly unreachable understanding of the world beyond the mundane — a ‘certain atmosphere ...more

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North American Supernatural Realism
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Area X by Jeff VanderMeerRoadside Picnic by Arkady StrugatskyThe Arrival by Shaun TanUzumaki by Junji ItoThe Girl from the Other Side by Nagabe
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Rado bih te pitao za mišljenje o plavičastom prahu, ilovači, primerku čudne zbirke pesama na nemačkom i poderanoj crnoj tkanini, da sam se nakanio da ti o tome pišem ranije. Prekorno po¬smatram sebe, vrtim glavom i uzdržavam se od uzdaha. Trebalo je da ti pišem i pitam te o… o tim čudnovatim predmetima. Trebalo je da pišem i prijatelju, etnologu, koji proučava takve predmete. Nikome nisam pisao, Kato. Držao sam sve strahote u sebi i pomi-šljao da pomeram pameću… Možda sam i pomerio, samo nisam s ...more
Boban Trifunović, Srce lutke

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky
His briefcase, now very worn though not particularly old, continued to direct his endless outgoings and incomings, from the four legs of his bed to the four legs of his office desk and back again. His key went from lock to pocket, and back to the lock. Then one day there yawned before the key not a lock and not a pocket but, shall we say, an abyss. One might, of course, having slipped one’s key into the abyss, turn it twice from left to right. The resident did just that, but… we mustn’t violate ...more
Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, Memories of the Future

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