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A “weird tale,” as defined by H.P. Lovecraft in his nonfiction writings and given early sanctuary within the pages of magazines like Weird Tales (est. 1923) is a story that has a supernatural element but does not fall into the category of traditional ghost story or Gothic tale, both popular in the 1800s. As Lovecraft wrote in 1927, the weird tale “has something more than secret murder, bloody bones, or a sheeted form clanking chains.” Instead, it represents the pursuit of some indefinable and perhaps maddeningly unreachable understanding of the world beyond the mundane — a ‘certain atmosphere ...more

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Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen RussellThe Haunting of Hill House by Shirley JacksonUniversal Harvester by John DarnielleRebecca by Daphne du MaurierA Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
North American Supernatural Realism
50 books — 6 voters
Mirrored Voices by Paul MorabitoOutside History by Eavan BolandSomething with Blood in the Title by Khurt KhaveTimelines by Carolyn O'ConnellKhimaira by Henry Parland
Speculative poetry
30 books — 8 voters

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeerSemiosis by Sue BurkeBorne by Jeff VanderMeerLagoon by Nnedi OkoraforThe Last of Us by Neil Druckmann
Weird and Monstrous Eco SF
36 books — 3 voters
Neoreaction a Basilisk by Philip SandiferThe Conspiracy Against the Human Race by Thomas LigottiIn the Dust of This Planet by Eugene ThackerAfter Finitude by Quentin MeillassouxStarry Speculative Corpse by Eugene Thacker
The Speculative Turn
36 books — 15 voters

Uzumaki by Junji ItoBlack Hole by Charles BurnsFragments of Horror by Junji ItoAt the Mountains of Madness and Other Tales of Terror by H.P. LovecraftWhere I Keep My Spoons by Ben Fitts
Surreal Horror
85 books — 31 voters
Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination by Edogawa RampoJapanese Gothic Tales by Kyōka IzumiTales of Hoffmann by E.T.A. HoffmannGhouls in My Grave by Jean RayUna edad difícil by Anna Starobinets
Non-english Horror-Literature
96 books — 14 voters

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John Claude Smith
Evil should not be, Detective Vera. Truly never can be. But in defining it as such, an inherent human bond with negativity confirms its very existence. Its mere acknowledgement cancels its credibility. Evil is nothing—the lack of anything of substance— made concrete as a balance to everything else. Evil is not, yet it is a part of each human, because humans welcome its participation in their lives. They speak of it in anger or disgust, fear or even wonder— the most appropriate response— giving i ...more
John Claude Smith , Autumn in the Abyss

Thomas Ligotti
The Master's Eyes Shining with Secrets Those bells ringing on the mist-covered mountain signify that the Master of the Temple is dead. The fact of the matter is that the monks there finally killed him. It seems that a few years ago the Master of the Temple began to exhibit some odd and very unpleasant forms of behavior. He apparently lost all sense of earthly decorum, even losing control over his own body. At one point an extra head sprouted from the side of the Master's neck, and this ugly li ...more
Thomas Ligotti, Noctuary

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