Pulp fiction can be characterized as "fast-paced, plot-oriented storytelling of a linear nature with clearly defined, larger than life protagonists and antagonists, creative descriptions, clever use of turns of phrase and other aspects of writing that add to the intensity and pacing of the story."

The earliest pulp stories were printed in pulp magazines from 1896 through the 1950s. The term pulp derives from the cheap wood pulp paper on which the magazines were printed. Magazines printed on higher quality paper were called "glossies" or "slicks". Pulp were most often priced at ten cents per mag


The Perfect Assassin (Doc Savage, #1)
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
The Shadow (The Shadow 1)
Armageddon (Expeditionary Force, #8)
Elric of Melniboné (The Elric Saga, #1)
Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils
The Price You Pay
Valkyrie (Expeditionary Force, #9)
Follow Me Down (Reckless, #5)
Disaster Inc (McGarry Stateside, #1)
The Morning Star (Imp, #10)
Destroy All Monsters (Reckless, #3)
Eberron: Rising from the Last War (Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition)
Blood Sugar (Hard Case Crime)
Charlesgate Confidential
A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1)
Tarzan of the Apes (Tarzan, #1)
The Gods of Mars (Barsoom #2)
The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian (Conan the Cimmerian, #1)
The Man of Bronze (Doc Savage, #1)
The Warlord of Mars (Barsoom, #3)
The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane
The Big Sleep (Philip Marlowe, #1)
The Maltese Falcon
The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu (Fu Manchu #1)
Red Harvest (The Continental Op #1)
The Return of Tarzan (Tarzan, #2)
The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (Barsoom, #4)
The Bloody Crown of Conan (Conan the Cimmerian, #2)

Philip  Elliott
How many diners should a man rob before he turns the gun on himself? The question whispered in Richie’s ear as he swallowed the last bite of pancake. He and Alabama had gotten the idea of stealing from diners when they caught Pulp Fiction at a four-year anniversary screening in the New Beverly Cinema in LA last year where they’d gone to shoot dope and drift among the neon haze of Hollywood glitz, thinking Shit, look how in love they are holding up that diner, that could be us. But a dozen diners ...more
Philip Elliott, Porno Valley

Vladimir Nabokov
She is a great gobbler of books, but reads only trash, memorizing nothing and leaving out the longer descriptions.
Vladimir Nabokov, Despair

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