The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children, #1)
The Valley of Horses (Earth's Children, #2)
The Mammoth Hunters (Earth's Children, #3)
The Plains of Passage (Earth's Children, #4)
The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children, #5)
The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children, #6)
Transcendence (Transcendence, #1)
Mother Earth Father Sky (Ivory Carver, #1)
People of the Wolf (North America's Forgotten Past, #1)

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The Forbidden (The Ancestors Saga, #1)
Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art
The Dinosaur Expert
Sleepover at the Museum
People of the Canyons (North America's Forgotten Past #26)
Underworld by Graham HancockForbidden History by J. Douglas KenyonThe Aquatic Ape Hypothesis by Elaine MorganThe Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. CremoTechnology of the Gods by David Hatcher Childress
Origins of Man
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Predators of Eden by D.W. VogelJurassic Park by Michael CrichtonThe Different Kinds Of Monsters by Seth ChambersRaptor Red by Robert T. BakkerThe Lost World by Michael Crichton
202 books — 83 voters
The Song of Achilles by Madeline MillerCirce by Madeline MillerThe Odyssey by HomerThe Red Tent by Anita DiamantAriadne by Jennifer Saint
[ATY 2023] Books Set in BCE
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Toba Beta
People usually feel funny, smile and laugh when I tell them about my strong belief in the very existence of prehistoric advanced technology and great civilizations of wilier races. I just can't wait to see their faces at time the truth is revealed. ...more
Toba Beta

Stewart Stafford
Sticks and Stones I dreamt a fossil came to life and told a tale of his former wife Did she beat him? Where? She broke his fingers on the stairs And tore out lumps of his orange hair How could she? Then she gave him pride of place At an archaeological feast in his honour A prehistoric horse was the main course! © Stewart Stafford, 2020. All rights reserved.
Stewart Stafford

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