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Double Bass Blues
Swing (Blink)
Nina: A Story of Nina Simone
Chasin' the Bird: Charlie Parker in California
Blank 133x176
A Fabulous Creation: H...
David Hepworth
Sophisticated Giant: The Life and Legacy of Dexter Gordon
Liner Notes for the Revolution: The Intellectual Life of Black Feminist Sound
Playing Changes: Jazz for the New Century
Dangerous Rhythms: Jazz and the Underworld
The 5 O'Clock Band
Black Bottom Saints
The History of Jazz
Miles: The Autobiography
But Beautiful: A Book About Jazz
Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original
How to Listen to Jazz
Beneath the Underdog
John Coltrane: His Life and Music (The Michigan American Music Series)
The Great Gatsby
Visions of Jazz: The First Century
Lady Sings the Blues
Kind Of Blue: The Making Of The Miles Davis Masterpiece
A Love Supreme: The Story of John Coltrane's Signature Album
Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker
The Jazz Theory Book
Bird Lives!: The High Life & Hard Times of Charlie (Yardbird) Parker
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy TooleA Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee WilliamsMina and the Undead by Amy McCawThe Awakening by Kate ChopinNine Lives by Dan Baum
Best New Orleans Books
416 books — 345 voters
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott FitzgeraldMary, Everything by Cassandra YorkeSpeak Easy, Anne by Brandy D. AndersonBitter Spirits by Jenn BennettRomancing the Rumrunner by Michelle McLean
1920s Romance
144 books — 65 voters

to Be or not to Bop by Dizzy GillespieThe Birth Of Bebop by Scott DeVeauxInside Jazz by Leonard FeatherCelebrating Bird by Gary GiddinsThe Masters Of Bebop by Ira Gitler
Modern Jazz I - Bebop
14 books — 2 voters
The Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony by Barrie NettlesMel Bay Hokum by Leon GrizzardThe Jazz Standards by Ted GioiaImprovisation by Derek BaileyThe Jazz Harmony Book by David Berkman
Jazz Theory and Harmony
6 books — 2 voters

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Duke Ellington
Jazz is the only unhampered, unhindered expression of complete freedom yet produced in this country.
Duke Ellington

Toni Morrison
Alice thought, No. It wasn't the War and the disgruntled veterans; it wasn't the droves and droves of colored people flocking to paychecks and streets full of themselves. It was the music. The dirty, get-on-down music the women sang and the men played and both danced to, close and shamelesss or apart and wild...It made you do unwise disorderly things. Just hearing it was like violating the law. ...more
Toni Morrison

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