Darius the Great Is Not Okay
Det var vi
It Ain't So Awful, Falafel
Twelve Days (John Wells, #9)
Prisoner: My 544 Days in an Iranian Prison—Solitary Confinement, a Sham Trial, High-Stakes Diplomacy, and the Extraordinary Efforts It Took to Get Me Out
پاییز فصل آخر سال است
Esther: Royal Beauty (Dangerous Beauty, #1)
Song of a Captive Bird
Call Me Zebra
Nachts ist es leise in Teheran
Revolutionary Ride: On the Road in Search of the Real Iran
To Keep the Sun Alive
Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card
Countdown to Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World's First Digital Weapon
Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (Persepolis, #1)
The Complete Persepolis
Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return (Persepolis, #2)
The Blind Owl
Iran Awakening: A Memoir of Revolution and Hope
The Septembers of Shiraz
The Blood of Flowers
All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror
The Ayatollah Begs to Differ: The Paradox of Modern Iran
Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing up Iranian in America and American in Iran
Funny in Farsi: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America
Chicken with Plums
Rooftops of Tehran

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Clark Zlotchew
The men were smashing windows and aiming their weapons through them. The driver had opened the door and was shouting for the women and children to get out and run and hide. But Ilina realized in some vague way that he never managed to actually say the word "hide." He really said, "Women and children, get out, get out, get out! Run and..." The clerk's wife thought it was odd that he had stopped in the middle of a sentence, and even stranger that she herself knew the word, heard the word "hide" in ...more
Clark Zlotchew, The Caucasian Menace

Forough Farrokhzad
My whole being is a dark chant that will carry you perpetuating you to the dawn of eternal growths and blossomings in this chant I sighed you, oh in this chant, I grafted you to the tree, to the water, to the fire.
Forugh Farrokhzad

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این گروه رو برای این تشکیل میدم که دورهمیطور جمع شیم و کتاب بخونیم با هم. …more
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معرفی سوغات شهرهای ایران در سایت گردشگری نشاط آوران
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Asian Lit in Translation From the far east, I would like to begin reading the best-sellers and classics. I'm personally i…more
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