Geology is the science comprising the study of solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the processes by which they change. Geology can also refer generally to the study of the solid features of any celestial body (such as the geology of the Moon or Mars).

A Brief History of Earth: Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters
Otherlands: A Journey Through Earth's Extinct Worlds
A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth: 4.6 Billion Years in 12 Pithy Chapters
Underland: A Deep Time Journey
Underground: A Human History of the Worlds Beneath Our Feet
Super Volcanoes: What They Reveal about Earth and the Worlds Beyond
Where She Fell
The Big Ones: How Natural Disasters Have Shaped Us and What We Can Do about Them
The High Sierra: A Love Story
Origins: How Earth's History Shaped Human History
Most of the Better Natural Things in the World
Archaeology from Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past
Dinosaurs Rediscovered: The Scientific Revolution in Paleontology (The Rediscovered Series)
Ocean Speaks: How Marie Tharp Revealed the Ocean's Biggest Secret
Anthropocene: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)
The Map That Changed the World: William Smith and the Birth of Modern Geology
Annals of the Former World
Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883
Basin and Range
Earth: An Intimate History
A Short History of Nearly Everything
The Story of Earth: The First 4.5 Billion Years, from Stardust to Living Planet
A Crack in the Edge of the World
Principles of Geology
The Ends of the World: Supervolcanoes, Lethal Oceans, and the Search for Past Apocalypses
Rising from the Plains (Annals of the Former World, 3)
Assembling California (Annals of the Former World, 4)
Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World
In Suspect Terrain (Annals of the Former World, 2)
Reading the Rocks: The Autobiography of the Earth
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel HawthorneThe Magic Mountain by Thomas MannThe Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann RadcliffeWe Were the Mulvaneys by Joyce Carol OatesLove Story by Erich Segal
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A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill BrysonThe Map That Changed the World by Simon WinchesterBasin and Range by John McPheeAnnals of the Former World by John McPheeEarth by Richard Fortey
Best Geology Books
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The Descent by Jeff LongStill Life With Crows by Douglas PrestonThe Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. AuelBeyond Mammoth Cave by James D. BordenBlind Descent by Nevada Barr
All About Caves
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John McPhee
When the climbers in 1953 planted their flags on the highest mountain, they set them in snow over the skeletons of creatures that had lived in the warm clear ocean that India, moving north, blanked out. Possibly as much as twenty thousand feet below the seafloor, the skeletal remains had turned into rock. This one fact is a treatise in itself on the movements of the surface of the earth. If by some fiat I had to restrict all this writing to one sentence, this is the one I would choose: The summi ...more
John McPhee, Annals of the Former World

Penelope Lively
Perhaps I shall not write my account of the Paleolithic at all, but make a film of it. A silent film at that, in which I shall show you first the great slumbering rocks of the Cambrian period, and move from those to the mountains of Wales, from Ordovician to Devonian, on the lush glowing Cotswolds, on to the white cliffs of Dover... An impressionistic, dreaming film, in which the folded rocks arise and flower and grow and become Salisbury Cathedral and York Minster...
Penelope Lively, Moon Tiger

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