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Algiers is the capital city of Algeria, on the country’s Mediterranean coast. It’s known for the whitewashed buildings of the Kasbah, a medina with steep winding streets, Ottoman palaces and a ruined citadel. The 17th-century Ketchaoua Mosque is flanked by 2 large minarets. The Great Mosque has marble columns and arches. The clifftop Catholic basilica of Notre-Dame d'Afrique features a large silver dome and mosaics.

The Stranger
The Plague
Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade
Alger,le cri
The Girls Across The Bay (Knox and Sheppard, #1)
The Fall
Sahara Unveiled: A Journey Across the Desert
The Sealwoman's Gift
The Eight (The Eight #1)
The Myth of Sisyphus
Women of Algiers in Their Apartment
My Battle Of Algiers: A Memoir
The Majors (Brotherhood of War, #3)
Charleston in the Age of the Pinckneys by George C. Rogers Jr.Istanbul and the Civilization of the Ottoman Empire by Bernard LewisRome in the Augustan Age by Henry Thompson RowellLondon in the Age of Chaucer by A.R. MyersAlgiers in the Age of the Corsairs by William Spencer
Centers of Civilization series
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Hunter Murphy
Just as the Mediterranean separated France from the country Algiers, so did the Mississippi separate New Orleans proper from Algiers Point. The neighborhood had a strange mix. It looked seedier and more laid-back all at the same time. Many artists lived on the peninsula, with greenery everywhere and the most beautiful and exotic plants. The French influence was heavy in Algiers, as if the air above the water had carried as much ambience as it could across to the little neighborhood. There were m ...more
Hunter Murphy, Imogene in New Orleans

Benarrioua Aniss
Codolyc 30 mg And the cops come out of the woodwork We hide in the holes we call home Catch us if you can And I hear la voix de ville humming in my head And I see the sirens of the seven villes moving ahead To come and greet the connoisseur of paths Me I say « Bravo» and «Long live death»
Benarrioua Aniss, Sins of Algiers

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I Yearn For You My Sultan
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