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message 1: by Prithvi (new)

Prithvi K Raj Thank You for your kind information,I already tried this option and for that I have to pay some money to become the annual or monthly subscriber. But I was unable to utilize the money for my requirement for only that book hence am not an avid reader and I buy selectively which may relevant for my script writing purpose, I just impressed on the The Female Lead (Nithya) in "The Perfect Groom" while reading the synopsis and reviews about the book. Willing to buy the "Paperback" or Individual EBook. Thanks Again

message 2: by Sumeetha (new)

Sumeetha Manikandan You can buy the individual ebook too too Prithivi. The option is available in the same link.

message 3: by Prithvi (new)

Prithvi K Raj Hey!!! Sorry for giving you trouble,,Just found the ways for downloading the individual EBook & successfully purchased. I didn't purchased this kind before, Thank u so much :)

message 4: by Sumeetha (new)

Sumeetha Manikandan No problem. Hope you like the book. do post a review once you read it :) thanks.

message 5: by Prithvi (new)

Prithvi K Raj Sure I Will

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