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message 1: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Omar-Godane Oh Riordan XD

message 2: by Maggie (new)

Maggie gee thanks that really helped. sorry if I come off as disrespectful, but I'm just a really snarky person. As you can probably tell from my name.

message 3: by Mckenna (new)

Mckenna Servis Greatest answer ever

message 4: by Gbolahan (new)

Gbolahan Wow. This answer is deep. Real deep.
Imagine reading a 300 page novel and each word was "words".
Chapter 1: Words words words words words words. Words words words. Words words, words words words!
Words words (words words words words words) words.
Words words words words?
Words-words words words: words words words.
Words words words words/words.
Words. Words. Words. Words.

Chapter 2: Words...

message 5: by Tai (new)

Tai Tai hi Rick! please enjoy my free greek mythology novella:

message 6: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Uncle Rick strikes again...

message 7: by John (new)

John He just doesn't want to spoil the book...

message 8: by John (new)

John Don't really expect more from him. Authors can't help it.

message 9: by Kerri (new)

Kerri Just wanted to let you know that I'm in university now and I'm minoring in Greek and Roman Civilisation because of you. Majoring in English, and my other minor is Sociology.

message 10: by Percabeth (new)

Percabeth Wow, thanks for the info

message 11: by Paulina (new)

Paulina Best. Answer. Ever. No other comments...

message 12: by Lucie (new)

Lucie Scabage Gotta love Hamlet :)

message 13: by Aisha (new)

Aisha Clever =)

message 14: by Luke (new)

Luke Wow, what a great answer.

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ So mean... :**(

message 16: by Nico (new)

Nico please explain the blood of Olympus to me, i mean i love yoy and everything you do but, dude, really? what can you say to me to ease my frustration

message 17: by Helene (new)

Helene What I'm (siriuslywolf-star) hoping for in the trials of Apollo:
His friendship with percy is literally
Non-existent in the last books
-Rachel Elisabeth dare
-bi Apollo
-dad Apollo
-Leo’s arrival
-college percabeth
-supporting characters please

❧ кαтнєяιηє ☙ Can you help an aspiring fantasy writer? I know you're busy and this is a cheesy way to ask, but you're kinda my hero...

message 19: by abi (new)

abi haha

message 20: by abi (new)

abi I have a question

message 21: by Tori (new)

Tori Smith I love your sense of humor it reminds of.....well myself :)

message 22: by Tori (new)

Tori Smith by the way what's an old sot?

message 23: by Deleboy (new)

Deleboy Since it does not seem I can ask directly a question, I will write one here and hope you will read it,
It's about the new pentalogy you are currently writing, therefore I think it will fit the topic. I love your series (exception made for The Kane Chronicles, which I did not read) and I was wondering if you will insert Hyacinth and Cyparissus' myths to the Trials of Apollo. I have always enjoyed the fact that the Golden God had both male and female lovers, hence I would appreciate their introduction in these novels, which focus on my favourite Olympian for the record @.@
(I'm Italian, so I apologize for any mistake I've made)

message 24: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer do you have kids ?
do they like your books

message 25: by Victoria (new)

Victoria S. It's the truth though.

message 26: by Viresh (new)

Viresh Patel hi..bye

message 27: by Caroline (new)

Caroline P I've been saying that quote for years and I didn't know it was from Hamlet until recently. it's like my thing to say to myself when I'm frustrated over words or just sigh.

message 28: by Elena (new)

Elena I love this so much I just can't. He IS Persassy. How else would he create him?

message 29: by Megan (new)

Megan That cracked me up me and my friend that love ur books laughed like crazy

message 30: by Alex (new)

Alex Good answer, Rick, good answer. But are you TOO going crazy like the Prince of Denmark? Of course, Hamlet was only pretending...

message 31: by Denny (new)

Denny Speaking of words, I just realized that I think your Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus work needs needs a fandom name like how Star Trek fans are called Trekkies, Doctor Who fans are called Whovians, and Harry Potter fans are called Potterheads.

message 32: by Sai (new)

Sai Vishal TROLLL!!!

message 33: by Prisca (new)

Prisca Sow I am prisca please contact me on my email address ( priscasow2@hotmail.com

message 34: by Tyler (new)

Tyler can you write something...ya know....NOT PERCY JACKSON?

message 35: by Cleo (new)

Cleo Hi I'm a big fan and I read your book of Magnus Chase and I loved it! I finished it in 2 days... but, when are you going to make THE SECOND BOOK OF THAT SERIES?

message 36: by Catriona (new)

Catriona I want to say that I LOVE your writings, during half of my elementary and all through middle school, I grew up on Percy Jackson and I absolutely love the series, and I hope you keep it going for a while. I hope one day, I can be as much of a good author as you are when I grow up. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. :)

message 37: by abi (new)

abi I love it as well Catriona! obviously because I have Viria's fan art of calypso as my profile pic haha

message 38: by Annie (new)

Annie Pendejito a good reason why you're my fave author

message 39: by Noah (new)

Noah You are so awesome.

message 40: by Sophia (new)

Sophia You're so sassy. I love it.

"It was all just a "Words have meaning , you know...

message 42: by Jobin (new)

Jobin :D

"It was all just a Rick is the best! *I've now read the book*!

message 44: by Mary (new)

Mary McKenna White Nice Rick

message 45: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany *Slow Clap*

message 46: by Anat (new)

Anat *smacks forehead* classical RR

message 47: by Anat (new)

Anat What made you such a good author?

message 48: by Izzie (new)

Izzie I actually recognised that quote because I'm doing Hamlet. I'm so proud of myself. I didn't even need to look at the --Hamlet

message 49: by kandake (new)

kandake Brilliant. Like the sun. The truth shines on us all.

message 50: by Carolina (new)

Carolina I got the new books shipped to me as soon as they came out!! i love them

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