Goodreads is hiring software engineers!

Posted by Otis Chandler on June 30, 2009
Goodreads is hiring! Want to work for one of the top social networks, help millions of people improve their lives through reading, and be a part of pioneering the digital book revolution? Goodreads is a small team, venture funded, and looking for extraordinary people. Read more about us.

We're looking for programmers who want to learn how to build a top-tier social network, love to build cool stuff and work hard, can communicate well, and have a personality that fits in with ours.

Our development philosophy is to work individually or in pairs, building everything from front-end to back-end. We divide up work on a project to project basis, and you'd be responsible for making sure your features have a clear user-interface, scale for millions of users, and have legible and easy to maintain code. You should be comfortable with those skills or dying to learn them!

Required skills

* Proficient programming with MVC frameworks. Ruby on Rails is preferred, but we'll take PHP, Python or Java.
* Knowledge of SQL (MySQL preferred).
* Experience with HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
* Comfort using the Linux operating system (shell scripting, cronjobs, installing software, etc).

We prefer people that are passionate about:

* Reading books!
* Building social networks and building great product.
* A/B testing and optimizing user experience
* Building large scale websites (MySQL, Memcached, Sharding, etc)
* Thinking creatively and engaging and listening to users.
* Experience building your own website or startup is a plus - we like entrepreneurs.

Open positions

* Facebook/MySpace app developer. You will be in charge of working on the Goodreads Books app on Facebook, MySpace, and other platforms. You should love Facebook, and either know or be willing to learn a lot about making things viral.
* Senior software engineer. You will be in charge of helping to develop new products and features and scale existing ones. You should be comfortable discussing: Memcached, MySql optimization, Database sharding, Lucene, Facebook, Opensocial, xml/json/rest, nginx/haproxy/mongrel, and more.

Interested candidates should submit a code sample as well as a resume. Also, answering our design challenge will ensure your resume will be read.

If you're interested, please send your resume to We have offices in both Santa Monica and San Francisco and prefer local candidates.

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