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January 25, 2019

Impressions Of Dr McPherson

Impressions Of Dr McPherson

First I now invoke St. Hypatia, a spirit of comfortable digestion, so Dr. Guy McPherson will find nothing, nothing large or small, that offends him in this essay. If such a thing is here, please may he blink and miss it. Amen.

Guy McPherson has been a guiding spirit for me recently, a mentor to me recently, at a particular point in my long waltzing walk with Climate Change. (Elsewhere you'll read how I learned of Climate Change at age 12 in 1958 and have been trying to react to it ever since.) That was a year and a half ago, when I first saw a McPherson video and was impressed.

So how are we now? Well, if you want to imagine Guy and me, you might think of Socrates and Plato, except it's undecided who of us is which because Guy hasn't read my new book which he helped inspire yet.

A year and a half ago, the crucial point where I was, that particular spot was new ground to me, and confusing. True, in marathon waltzing with Climate Change, I had lived multiple cycles of wide and narrow sensations of existence, a wrenching spiritual cycle decades long, which had taught me much, but this iteration recently was different. This time the clock had run out.

I'll tell you the last clear hope I had, when I saw the clock has pretty definitely run out, and by losing that last clear hope I found myself in crisis, but then I watched one of Guy's reviving videos. I'll tell you that clear hope which I lost but re-found, that hope is this…

When the clock so obviously runs out, can the human soul face reality?

I had given up hope that the human soul could. I had concluded that our souls are all to be wretched and stupid and numb at the end. But then I watched a Guy McPherson video.

By the way, here's my new book…
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Published on January 25, 2019 07:37 Tags: climate-change, guy-mcpherson, mcpherson

January 23, 2019

Fascism Nbr 01

Fascism Nbr 01

When the field of human events somewhere
is totally overrun by huge devouring machines
made of congealed money,
That is Fascism.

…Best wishes, Stone Riley
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Published on January 23, 2019 06:50 Tags: fascism, money

January 21, 2019

Capitalism Nbr 01

Capitalism Nbr 01
Dear readers, please copy and paste this text into your on-line chats where appropriate. Thank you.

Capitalism is to blame. Capitalism is insanity

Capitalism persuades its followers that MONEY IS REAL, more real than Living Earth, or human love, or anything. But money does not exist anywhere except in human minds.

So the capitalist urge to live as if that central insanity is true, that urge can never be fulfilled, so it is merciless.

…Best wishes, Stone Riley
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Published on January 21, 2019 05:45

January 20, 2019

Announcing Gleaning

A brand new self-published paperback book-in-process is hereby announced!! What, Another One?? you say.

A new paperback book titled Shoebox Gleaning -or- Early returns from Stone's shoebox blog!!

It's selected postings from my new blog. Brilliant idea.

Someday soon this link will work…
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Published on January 20, 2019 12:31

January 19, 2019

Scientists Were Early

Scientists Were Early
Dear readers, please copy and paste this text wherever appropriate in your on-line chats. Thank you.

Good scientists were NOT LATE to the climate change debate. They were early, very early, before the big suppression campaign began. I know this personally. I'll tell you how I know.

I studied a Climate Change article in Scientific American Magazine in 1958 (or 1959) which my older brother showed me, for my middle school homework, so I could write a little report, my first (or second) year of middle school, when I was (probably) age 12, in 1958 (or '59).

Anyone here with access to Scientific American's on-line archive should be able to test this. My best estimate is autumn 1958 but it might have been a different season or the following year.

The magazine article was about the great Gulf Stream ocean current, and calculations showing it would be utterly disrupted by climate change, if climate change were not stopped. This in 1958 or 1959 before the big suppression campaign was launched.

I don't know if that particular 1958 math and predictions will come true or not, but the general idea, that great ocean currents will be utterly disrupted by Global Warming, I have seen that principle come true in the news before my horrified eyes.

Best wishes, Stone Riley
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Published on January 19, 2019 04:13

January 18, 2019

Magical Thinking Nbr. 01

Magical Thinking Nbr. 01
Dear readers, please copy and paste this text wherever appropriate in your on-line chats. Thank you.

Hello xxxxx. Please improve your insult list. Please start saying “invalid magical thinking” instead of just “magical thinking” when you insult people.

...Saying this insult without the extra qualifier, as you just did, insults a lot of people who care deeply about magical thinking.

...All the Tree Huggers and Pagans for example, and the philosophical followers of Dr. Jung, and the Poets and Novelists and Picture Painters, and Small Children who study Dance.

...These are people who are already on our side, and many of them quite philosophically advanced in our direction. It's probably better if you don't thoughtlessly insult them.

...You understand, I'm saying this as your likely friend and ally.

...And here's the plus side...

...You saying “invalid magical thinking”, instead of just “magical thinking”, in a list of insults, that would kick the philosophical can down the road, challenging all the Little Children and the Druids, and all them like that, to consider good versus bad in their field of expertise. And that would be a good thing.

...I'll be glad to discuss this matter further.

…Best wishes, Stone Riley
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Published on January 18, 2019 05:29 Tags: insults, magic, philosophy

January 17, 2019

Chem Trails And Woods

Anyone who goes in the woods knows the woods is dying.

As forest destruction is sometimes mentioned as evidence for chem trails, the universal extent of the destruction leads me toward thinking that chem trails are actually not a problem.

With all the forests dying at once, shouldn't I guess, instead, that the cause is climate chaos?

Here's my new novel where the death of Living Earth is discussed from several points of view...
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Published on January 17, 2019 07:12

Message To Extinction Rebellion

{A book-promotion message to Extinction Rebellion.}
Free complete download of the novel...

Hello Good Folks,

I'm new in this group, and new in Extinction Rebellion. Thank you for being here, and for being woke, and for making me welcome.

I'm an old man age 72 in New England U.S.A. We were a very science-oriented family when I was a kid, and that was before the big cover-up campaign began, so I've seen Global Warming coming at us my whole adult life, for six decades now.

If I have recreated the date exactly, it was the autumn of 1958 and I was age 12, beginning middle school, where the difficulty of school work picked up pace. Luckily I had an older brother. I got a homework assignment to find some science story in the news and write a report on it, and asked my brother for good suggestions.

It was an article he had just finished reading a few moments before in Scientific American Magazine. He turned the pages back to it, and flipped the magazine around for me to read.

It was about the world's great ocean currents, doing the calculations for one particular great ocean current as an example, saying they would probably be utterly disrupted by Global Warming, if Global Warming were not stopped.

I don't know if the 1958 particular math and prediction will turn out true, but the general principle has certainly become a fact before my watching eyes.

My brother age 14 had found the article, flipped it around to me, tapped it with a finger, and said “This looks like it might be important.” So somewhere in the ethersphere there is a middle school paper on that exact topic, with a colored pencil diagram copied from the magazine filling the top half of its page 2.

In those six decades since, I've been a very passionate whole-life type of activist artist, an artist of several disciplines, basically just trying to respond to the rushing catastrophe in all sorts of ways.

My latest self-published paperback book, in a long line of them, focuses the lens on militarist aspects of the death of Living Earth, trying to use artistic writing as some succor for people struggling with the militarist aspects of it.

The new book's title is “Army Stories Performance Script” and its subtitle is “A Peace Revolution Chaplain's Book”. It is shaped as yet another experimental romance novel, Gods help us.

Anyone can download a free complete pdf file here...

You can also pay for ink and paper, and order a paperback copy.

I hope someone finds it is a help for them. Also, if you look at the thing, then any comments that you have are very welcome. Maybe someone will even write a book review that I could use in my self-publishing publicity effort???

Why militarist things this time? Reason One: I've always seen Modern Militarism as hand in hand with Global Warming, both being inevitable consequences of Modern Society's insane lust to conquer everything.

Secondly, the whole first decade of my manhood was in circumstances full of active warring revolutions everywhere against established powers worldwide. So I certainly must enlist somewhere as some kind of soldier. I chose to be a self-appointed Field Chaplain on the revolution side.

So with this book now I finally maybe worked that through, becoming finally wise enough to quit soldiering in the last chapter.

Thank you very much for reading this all the way here to the end.

Sacred Blessings to you all.

- Stone Riley

Free complete download of the novel...
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Published on January 17, 2019 02:09

January 10, 2019

Enticement Blurb

{Synopsis for the novel "Army Stories Performance Script"}
Free complete download of the novel...

Dear Reader, what kind of book do you get when an old soldier sits down and writes their book? I'll tell you ...

If you a West Point graduate named U.S. Grant, you get a profitable best-seller book to save your widow from starvation. Have you heard that story?

Or if you a foot-soldier vet participated in a desperate struggle for survival with twelve-foot-long spears, and subject to cavalry attack, and you guys saved your nation from destruction, and you a gent named Socrates, and you sit down to write a book or two, well then you get some wisdom of the ages. And you can read more of that story here. We've got the love story part.

There's a complete free download for free. You just click the link and the whole book file just opens and starts downloading onto your device, with these startling vivid big colored pictures first, the gorgeous front-cover graphic first, and then the astonishing lush back-cover graphic, then you realize after that it's a whole paperback book, more than 200 pages, all just waiting for you to push the page-down button and start reading stories. Free.

And the title page is boss.
Nothing is as you expect.
It is labeled as a novel.

There are a wide variety of stories, with musings and my sore grief for the death of Living Earth, with philosophizing on Shakespeare's most tragic characters, and Shakespeare's actual theory of fart jokes.

It really is a novel, romantic novel. But why are the riddles in there? Riddles?

Well, riddles are excellent exercises for thinking carefully, and the book is meant to be educational in the large way, offering stuff that's good for mind, soul and body, and an honest laugh. The old soldier was a Medical Corpsman and a Chaplain of some sort.

But it is a novel, a romantic novel. Sexual intercourse? Yes obviously there's sexual intercourse, and some of it in ways, I promise you, that you do not expect. But it's all for love and sorrow interweaving into life. And all the least-acceptable sexual words have been replaced with comical euphemistic spellings.

Did I mention Global Warming? Throughout this book it's treated from a variety of interlacing spiritual and philosophic points of view, providing ways for you to look at it. As a novel, the impending death of Living Earth is the prime mover of it, moving all the fiction. That is to say, our struggle for life and love is treated as a mighty struggle. So there's lots of Shakespeare and some science fiction.

There's a longish funny poem that's a forthright open call for sit-down strikes by soldiers sent on stupid military missions.

There's considerable analysis, with illustrating stories, of Natural Human Anarchist Martial Spirit, and thus the ancient struggle between Honest Soldiers and the Mighty Murder Mill, the same mill that is killing Living Earth.

Much of this material is the old Chaplain's first-hand remembrances from Vietnam War onward through Occupy, largely quite unique, with sorely grieving conscience, with artful bold Acts Of Resistance usefully described, and love for one another, all children of Earth, and with balm for grief.

And of course it is a romance novel.

Free complete download of the novel...
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Published on January 10, 2019 06:29

Brushing My Teeth

I've just come in from my morning healing smoke and the healing materials are potent but odoriferous.

Therefore I must now brush my teeth and rinse my mouth with piercingly pungent gargle fluid.

And our new kitten wants to watch. She's climbed here under my chin into the kitchen sink to watch.

Our new kitten has recently grown to the size of a small full-size cat, but with enormously long legs.

I'm not sure what to do.

Now, how about a free complete recent draft of a NEW NOVEL by this author????
Army Stories Performance Script free download...
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Published on January 10, 2019 05:39 Tags: brush, cats, kittens, teeth, weed

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