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“I made the choice to be vegan because I will not eat (or wear, or use) anything that could have an emotional response to its death or captivity. I can well imagine what that must feel like for our non-human friends - the fear, the terror, the pain - and I will not cause such suffering to a fellow living being.”
Rai Aren
“Know that the same spark of life that is within you, is within all of our animal friends, the desire to live is the same within all of us...”
Rai Aren, Secret of the Sands
“Cats and books are my universe. Both are infinitely fascinating and full of mystery.”
Rai Aren
“Infinite possibilities exist within the art of storytelling. To me, it is nothing less than the magic of creation.”
Rai Aren
“Every single time, we go through this. You know it’s the price we have to pay to remain barely inside the outskirts of the in-crowd.”
Rai Aren, Secret of the Sands

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