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TyCobbsTeeth That's awesome David, thanks for reaching out. I remember your name from the article.
I just watched your interview for AMERICAN SUBVERSIVE, it's definitely going into my reading list.
TyCobbsTeeth I've read the synopsis and some reviews, but I haven't picked it up yet, no. It's a book that was mentioned to me a while ago and I have yet to squeeze it into my reading stack. I mean to though and it's now on my reading list.
Thanks Jim, good question!
TyCobbsTeeth Hi Robert,
I created the pen name TyCobbsTeeth after reading a story published in 1999. A woman, Karen Shemonsky procured the dentures of Ty Cobb, a former Major League Baseball center-fielder, at a Sotheby's auction for over $7,000. The bizarre purchase inspired him to learn more about Cobb, who discovered was one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Here is a copy of the article if you're interested.
Sotheby's sells baseball great's Cobb's dentures for $7,475, Published: September 28, 1999 (Lubbock Avelanche-Journal)
TyCobbsTeeth Thanks Steve,
I like yours as well--I'm a huge Stephen King fan. And yes, I'm always interested in reading other work, and providing copies to interested parties for review. Please send me a message and we can exchange information.
TyCobbsTeeth Hi LoRee,
I came up with the pseudonym, 'TyCobbsTeeth' after reading a story back in 1999.
In short; a woman, Karen Shemonsky procured the dentures of Ty Cobb, a Major League Baseball centerfielder, at a Sotheby's auction for $7,475. The bizarre purchase inspired me to read up on Cobb--who I then learned was greatest baseball player of all time.
Also, I want to write stories that have real bite, so I felt this fit.
Thanks for asking.
TyCobbsTeeth Don't wait.
If you have an idea -- start right away.
Try (no, not try; make sure) to work a little on your writing every day. Carve out a time, a place, and create an atmosphere (Quiet, Music, Scenery -- whatever floats your boat).
...and READ. Read a lot. I enjoy reading books from multiple authors and several genres to get a taste for different flavors. From there you can choose your own voice.
TyCobbsTeeth It's an escape, an adventure, a release.
When you get going, it's as compelling as a riveting page-turner that you can steer.
Finish a book is an amazing sense of accomplishment.
Choosing only one thing from those three is difficult, so I won't.
TyCobbsTeeth I came up with the idea after reading a quote about civilization being only nine meals from anarchy. This intrigued...and scared me, so I did some research. After that a short story just flowed from me without any storyboarding or planning. Once the short story was done, I wanted to take it further. Since Nanowrimo was right around the corner, I did some prep and then launched into the novel in November.
TyCobbsTeeth Usually the ideas will come to me; either during the day while I'm doing something else or once I've laid down to go to bed. I will either take a note or get to a keyboard and start typing. When I get a new story going it can be very exhilarating.
TyCobbsTeeth I'm working on my third book. I've only started brain-storming and story-boarding, but I'm excited about this one. I'm going to switch to a first person perspective on this one.
TyCobbsTeeth I step away from my keyboard and try later. If things really aren't coming then I'll wait until an idea comes to me while I'm doing something else. Often I get ideas after I've laid down in bed for the night or while I'm doing something else.

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