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D.S. Wrights I would probably travel to the world I started creating when I was sixteen and I am still working on it. Since it's my world I can change and do everything there. :)
D.S. Wrights Sorry, we didn't answer earlier.
No, there is nothing D.S. Wrights can do about that. Amazon only offeres reduced prices for sale advertizing in the US and UK. Only freebies work worldwide.
D.S. Wrights Hi Cindy,
the second part of the Dark Alley Series is Grantham Gobal. Next year January/February a full novel will be released, including the already published parts of Grantham Global.
D.S. Wrights I Laura, I chose to write a novella series because readers were complaining that it took me too long to publish the next book. Once the Dark Alley and Blood series are finished, I will not pick up a novella series again, and will only go for novels as I feel more comfortable writing them.
However, right now, I don't have a similar idea as Dark Alley for a novel. I've got only those I've announced on here.
D.S. Wrights Hello Sönïa,

thank you so much for your compliments! I'm happy to answer your question. Sorry for this long message. It got a little out of hand. ;o)

When I write, it's more like remembering something than sitting down and making things up. Every person thinks about harming and humiliating someone else for whatever reasons. In my opinion, it is absolutely normal, and also healthy to allow yourself to vent a frustration that way, and unburden yourself from the strong emotion someone has created through their actions. The difference is whether you act on your emotions or not. But is not acting on them really 'good' and acting on them truly 'evil'?

This might sound terrifying or strange, but I put these thoughts into books. I am not ashamed to write about them, because I know, everyone has these thoughts, and many people would like to express them. But they don't because they feel ashamed. If I can help people feel less ashamed about their thoughts by writing about them, that's even better!
However, not all of the deeds are what I would like to do someone, or hope would happen to someone.
I also wonder about what a person could endure to save or heal someone, or rather to prove their love to someone. People, and women especially, have been known to endure things beyond comprehension to save a loved one or prove their love.
I also want to celebrate the strength women have. That is why I will never write a weak heroine. My ladies might start out as dumb, petty, naive, or unlikable, but they will always be the true hero of my story and not the damsel in distress.

I'm absolutely fascinated with people's minds, their motivations and aspirations. I love to create characters and explain their behavior and ideals, without regarding them as 'good' or 'evil', because no one is 'good' or 'evil'. Every person has selfish and selfless tendencies, acts or doesn't act on their emotional impulses, and it's their experience, talents, and their upbringing, which make them lean into what society deems as 'good' and 'evil'.
I think a huge impact is whether someone is able to handle their emotion or not, and when these feelings are so intense that you cross the line of not being in control over yourself, or rather completely being taken by impulse and instinct, shutting down reason or logic.

I love writing dark books and writing about twisted characters, because I like to find a logic and realistic explanation for why there are people out there one would really regard as 'evil' as in sadistic, psychopathic, or sociopathic.
What has happened to a person who becomes a killer?
What has happened to a person that loses control to wrath and kills someone?
How does someone handle that loss of control?

Or, in White's case from TBAM:
why would a scientist experiment on humans?
Which reasons would he name?
What kind of mindset would a human being need to deem his insane actions as acceptable?

Or, like in "Blood": what would turn you into a serial killer and not make you want to become a cop instead, when you seek justice? And: what is justice? What is vengeance? Where is the line? One could argue forever.
D.S. Wrights Hello Susa,
and sorry for the delay. The next season is Grantham Global.
The first episode Strictly Business is already published.

You can find all single episodes here:
D.S. Wrights I honestly don't have one.
D.S. Wrights Hi Cindi,
I'm very happy you love the Dark Alley series so much! I would write more and faster, if I wasn't in need of a normal job. ;)
I call every part an episode - yes just as a TV show. Dark Alley season one has eight episodes in total, after that there will a second season with a different title, which will have 8-10 episodes, depends on how the story develops. That being said: I don't know how long I will go on, as long as it stays interesting, I guess.
D.S. Wrights Book four The Beast Is Me has already been released on September 3rd, book 5 The BeAst of Me is scheduled to be released On December 3rd.
D.S. Wrights The series is planned to have four chronological books, depending on the development of the fourth book there might be a fifth - and definitely last - one coming. Additionally to the chronological books, there will definitely be a book 3.5.
D.S. Wrights There are no plans for doing that.
Right now Amazon doesn't offer this service in my country.... yet
D.S. Wrights Hi Zaria,
there is no release date yet.
As of now, I am working on episode three of Dark Alley and the book I will write next after that, will be the one that has been shelved as to-read most on Goodreads. And that is The Villain In My Bed.
D.S. Wrights Sorry, I have not received a notification for this question.

You can find my fanfiction here:
D.S. Wrights On Goodreads it's stated next month, but I don't want to give a specific date when I'm not sure that I can keep that promise. So January/February, hopefully.
D.S. Wrights Hello MightyMaeve, should offer you a free sample, too. Their format is epub. But you need to be registered.
D.S. Wrights
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D.S. Wrights
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D.S. Wrights
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D.S. Wrights Sitting down and deciding to get inspired isn't really the right thing for me. Usually something inspires me and I get to work.

However, if I feel the need to sit down and write, I switch on my favorite lamp, get something nice to drink and try to get the right feeling.

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