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Joshua C. Cook Hopefully in March 2017. I'm working on it, along with another book that's not part of the series.

Glad you enjoy it!
Joshua C. Cook Cendan is at least partially based on myself. I tend toward the analytical, so that's very much me. The rest of him is actually based on a character I played once in a play. I used to be into theater pretty hardcore, and did a lot of plays and various improv things. Cendan is based off an improv character that I kept returning to. He was fun to play, and when I started laying out the Cendan Key mind map (I mind map all my characters) that old improv persona came into my mind right away.
Joshua C. Cook Generally I try to take myself out of the situation. I listen to music, watch a movie, play a video game. If I'm writing when people are awake, I go play with my kids or spend time with my wife. I as a rule don't get stressed about writer's block. That fantasy novel I got stuck on is still there, but I wanted to let it lie fallow for a while. I'll get it done, when it gets done.
Joshua C. Cook Getting to tell people "Oh yeah I'm an author as well." ;)
No.. really the best thing is being able to look at something you've put out there and know YOU did it.
Joshua C. Cook I'm still one myself! LOL
One thing that has been a bit of a surprise..
Writing and getting the book done, that's been easier than I thought. Marketing the book, has been far harder than I thought.
Joshua C. Cook Currently working on Book 3 of The Echo Worlds, Bridgebuilder. Plus a fantasy story called Godmaker. Also have outlined a Modern Post-Apocalyptic story that may be coming down the pipe at some point. Learning Photoshop as well, to do my own covers.
Joshua C. Cook Well, my Mom for one, being a retired English professor.. but I've always been a "rabid reader" I devour books sometimes, reading 10-15 books in a week if I could find the time. I always think, how I would write the story when I'm done. On top of that, when I was younger I spent a lot of time doing more creative outlets, cooking, art, even had a full ride theater scholarship at one point. I had sort of gotten away from that aspect of my life, and I wanted to reconnect to it. Writing gives me that, and doesn't cost a lot of money, and won't keep anyone up at night while I'm working.
Joshua C. Cook I had long been interested in what people think is real versus what is real. That sort of led me to the place where I started jotting down notes for the overall story arc. The first book that's out now, I wanted to bring a sort ot IT edge to it, being as that's my day job. One thing led to another, and I had the first story, Oversee of One.

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