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Renee Spyrou I have so many books to read at the moment, here are just a few on my List there are much more than this though:

*The Newsflesh Trilogy ~ By Mira Grant
*The Passage, The Twelve & The City of Mirrors ~ by Justin Cronin
*Hex ~ By Thomas Olde Heuvelt
*The Outlander Series ~ By Dianna Gabaldon
*The Maze trilogy ~ By James Dashner

As I said before these are just a few on my TBR list. :)

Renee Spyrou I haven't had bad writers block, sometimes I get stuck, but I just keep writing, not necessarily on my manuscript. I write in a notepad about anything really until eventually my ideas are flowing back to the story again. I then go back to my computer and continue writing on my Manuscript. Writing is the only solution for writers block.
Renee Spyrou The best thing about being a writer is being able to create new worlds and characters. I like that a story has it's own evolution. A writer has an idea and a plan when beginning a new story, but sometimes you're just the scribe writing it all down. The story takes on a life of it's own, and not even the author knows where it's going to end up, I like this the best because it's fun to see the characters come to life.
Renee Spyrou Believe in yourself. Be determined. If somebody says you won't be able to do something, prove them wrong. The inner critic will always be parked on your shoulder reminding you of your inadequacies. Ignore the critic and rise to your full potential. Don't be afraid to dream. Don't take constructive criticism personally, it's a tool in which you can learn from. A first draft will always be terrible, mine was, you can improve and refine the story in following drafts. Be prepared to work hard, it takes time. If you're self-publishing, get a professional specializing in your genre to edit your work. Always be willing to learn new things, nobody knows everything no matter how old they are. YouTube is a great place to find tutorials. My last bit of advice would be to read a lot of books in your preferred genre and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.
Renee Spyrou Inspiration, that's a tricky question. Initially writing was a way to escape the sad reality of losing my terminally ill son. Writing was, and is the only time I feel in control. What happens to the characters in my story is up to me. In life we only have a certain amount of control. The choices we make are sometimes overruled by things beyond our control. Like incurable diseases.
Eventually, writing became something more than just an escape. It became something I love doing, creating new worlds, and characters that come to life on a page. To me my characters are real people with real problems in an unreal world.
Renee Spyrou I have very vivid dreams. I often have huge wings on my back; I love having these particular dreams. Flying is an amazing feeling, with the wind whipping your hair about your face, looking down upon the world from soaring heights is breathtaking. When I wake up I'm always a little disappointed. Makayla Uriel evolved from these dreams.
Renee Spyrou Book #4 Seraphympire ~The Genesis Curse

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