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“If you have questions for me about my books, my writing process, my experience with the Wheel of Time series, or even kung-fu, please feel free to ask. I'll periodically check in and answer questions.” Jason Denzel

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Jason Denzel The Stone Golem of Qual’Jom (which is part of the Unfettered III anthology) is narrated by Paul Boehmer. I thought he did a remarkable job. Thanks for listening!
Jason Denzel Thank you for your kind words! Both stories you mentioned are well told. They certainly are some of the titans in the fantasy genre. I've had the pleasure of being a beta reader for both. So as much as I enjoy the Stormlight Archive, my heart will always be with The Wheel of Time.
Jason Denzel If I'm stuck at the dreaded "blinking cursor" in my writing application, then I'll often go back and do some minor edits on a previous chapter or scene. This helps kick my creativity into gear. Also, I keep a note-taking app on my phone so that when I'm running around town, or driving the car, I can immediately write or dictate my ideas for later review. Finally, the best way to deal with writer's block is to avoid it. When I'm finishing my writing for the day, I'll often leave notes for myself for what happens immediately next. That way, when I log in the next day, my notes will help me know what the write next.

Don't get caught in the writer's block trap. Sit down, put your hands on the keyboard, and power through. Don't get discouraged if nothing comes. Try again the next day.
Jason Denzel Sit your butt down and just write. Learn about passive voice and how to avoid it. Listen to the outstanding Writing Excuses podcast. Join a local writing group. While drafting your story for the first time, worry less about your "voice" and make sure you tell your story. Be yourself, rather than a second rate version of your favorite author.
Jason Denzel Right now I'm working on MYSTIC DRAGON, which is the second book in the Mystic Trilogy. I'll need to take a break from that soon, however, to work on edits for the first book, MYSTIC.

I also have a few short stories under consideration for a some anthologies, as well as a short film I'm trying to wrap up.
Jason Denzel As many writers know, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to invest the hard work necessary for completing a novel. This is a challenge I struggled with in the past. There's always a video game, or TV show, or Facebook feed trying to lure me away from my computer. But after making minimal progress for several years, I finally had to be honest with myself and ask myself what was more important. Like most of us, I have a pretty busy life, but these days I try to make an effort to sit down and get something done every day related to my current writing project. When larger blocks of time become available, I make a point to reserve those as writing time. If necessary, I'll get up early, throw a sweatshirt one, and go to a local coffee shop before the rest of my day begins.
Jason Denzel I conceived the original idea for the Mystic trilogy over a decade ago, sometime around 2004. Originally, I wanted to film it as a trilogy of short films. The outline for the first part changed very little in its core concept. I loved the idea of exploring what it would be like to be a young person trying to convince a master to become their apprentice. The master-apprentice / teacher-student / guru-disciple relationship is one that fascinates me, especially when it's examined through the lens of other cultures. These are important relationships that have likely existed as long as humanity has been around, and yet we tend to limit our conceptions of that that dynamic is like. In MYSTIC, I wanted to begin exploring that idea through an accessible, fun story.

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