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David David Katzman Satan Donut married Custard Nipplewait and then retired to a small farm in upper Lower Upperton where he attempted to grow marijuana-infused French fries, but unfortunately, the fries never sprouted. They just sort of sadly poked out of the dirt in his bathtub (it was a very small farm, but who are we to quibble?) Further, the marijuana infusion process he developed of sitting in his bathroom smoking weed and blowing it at the fries never seemed to cheer the fries up. They just slowly hardened and became stale, like his dreams.
David David Katzman There does happen to be one great mystery in my life that could help drive sales of mystery novels on Amazon. This mystery is such a mystery it's a mystery what it even is. It's the most mysterious of mysteries filled with mystery. In fact, I've named it Myster Mystery, and last I saw it my mystery was robbing banks in Mystery City. I guess I shouldn't have named it that because look what I started. But anywho, I am worried about Amazon, poor thing. But maybe if we all pool our mysteries together, we can help out our lil' buddy. I'll do my part. Probably.
David David Katzman Thanks for asking, Tyler! I've been working on a kid's book for a while. Trying to wrangle an illustrator at the moment.
David David Katzman Hi Kelly!

A very good question...there really is no way to find an audience for surrealist fantasy fiction. I'm not sure there is one. I think you just need to write a great book and then offer it up to all readers of literature and fantasy. It's a pretty modest niche. I never really sought out specific fans of surrealism although I did send a copy to a few websites that review psychedelic writing. I used to be very active on this site and wrote many reviews, but I got kind of bored after a while. I made some great connections with other writers here. And people did discover my book from writing lots of reviews. Doing a couple giveaways isn't a bad idea.

I made up my own name for the genre of A Greater Monster because it's not any one thing. It's experimental. Psychedelic. Fantasy. I felt Psychedelic fairytale was the closest description because it's a bit like Alice in Wonderland. But that's not a genre so much as a description. Just do your best to be true to the book itself. What feels closest?

Good luck!

David David Katzman Zero feet. They are now making Starbucks within Starbucks for added convenience.

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