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“If You Were President of The United States, What Kind of Unusual Changes Would You Make Differently Than Other Presidents?

Chris Mentillo

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Chris Mentillo I find myself reading many various books all summer. However, at the current moment, I am reading a couple "Jack The Ripper" books. One of them is called Ripper: "The Secret Life of Walter Sickert," written by the true-crime author, Patricia Cornwell. I really enjoy reading her Ripper books and am constantly waiting for new arrivals from her. This new book of her's will take some time to read. I usually read a few books at a time before bedtime if I am not too tired.
Chris Mentillo “Well without getting too involved with political facets of making decisions as President regarding, “unusual changes,” I would probably jump at the chance to help women get better jobs with better pay. Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic to see this challenge embryonic quite well over the years thus far, however, I would “seal the deal” sort of speak for this to manifest 100%, leaving no stones unturned.”

“In addition, I would also make better changes (lawfully) to better protect our children, and animals too. There need to be stiffer penalties for abusing children, and animals. Look, this shit is getting out of control, and needs to be addressed. Somebody with lots of influence and power needs to be a man and make a stand for them. Not surprisingly, I am a huge advocate for all of them and have been since childhood. They can’t speak for themselves, which places them at an “unfortunate disadvantage.” So humans who abuse, and take advantage of their vulnerability are in my own opinion, a bunch of “cowards.”
Chris Mentillo Hi Robert. When I write a horror story, I am feeling the horror and fear myself. This might have occurred in the past or from a nightmare I had.
Chris Mentillo “To be any kind of, “serious writer” today means committing yourself to writing something new -- every day. Therefore, knowing how to motivate, and inspire yourself to write is essential. Unbelievably, yes it is sometimes very hard getting inspired to write. However, when I see myself falling into this trap, I usually find myself having to talk myself into it -- by forcing myself to write. Although, once I start, I sometimes have a hard time stopping."

“One strategy I found worthwhile is finding out which time of the day you have the most energy writing your best work. Do you feel like you transcribe better in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings? Try working innumerable different days, and times of the week, to find out which time-frame seems to be the most beneficial for you when writing.”
Chris Mentillo “I have well over a dozen book scripts of various literature waiting to be submitted for possible publication. However, I am waiting to see how my current business partners handle my ongoing publishing affairs, before finally deciding on (whom -- if any) which publisher shall receive my
finished scripts."

"To date, there is one non-fiction story (murder) in particular, for which I have (and nobody else) direct connections to possible important new information, involving a true-crime murder, (cold case) an inmate, and his brother in-law. Several big publishers are interested in this script when fully finished. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss the specifics regarding this story. I can, however, tell you I have decided to move on with the project, but am still undecided about publication.”
Chris Mentillo “Ask yourself some very ingenuous essential questions before you begin your voyage as an aspiring writer: Can I really make an attired living as a writer? Should I go into it full-time, or part-time to pay my bills? Do I have enough resources, and support from friends and family while trying to make it as a writer?

Remember; make sure you are not writing for money alone. Yes, you need to make a living to pay bills, etc., but going into writing -- only expecting high hopes of striking it rich or becoming famous, are not good reasons for becoming a writer. First off, very few writers ever make it big. Even talented writers sometimes never get the opportunity to become published authors. There are many starving writers, artists, and actors, etc. out there who never make a dime off writing. Fortunately, however, you may be in luck. Due to the Internet, regarding eBooks, and self-publishing, more and more writers these days are making a very good living off writing.

Thanks to the Internet, many individuals, and companies today are in constant need of writers to help them to write literature for their websites, and blogs. The despairing need for this service endures to swell more and more every year.

Finally, write down a serious -- five-year -- proven business strategy regarding how to execute your plan, for becoming a successful, writer, or book author. Keep writing, and perfecting your craft every day. Stay positive, and no matter what, never -- ever give up. Writers are not necessarily born to write, but rather made to write. Practice, practice, practice.”
Chris Mentillo “There are benefits, advantages, and disadvantages doing any kind of work. However, writing does not really even “feel” like work – especially when you love doing it. In fact, I cannot think of doing anything different from writing. Therefore, one of the best things about writing is its fun. This does not mean I do not take writing seriously. Additionally, you do not have any interruptions from anybody when speaking about what you wish to reveal to the world. Do you have something important you wish to share to the world? No problem, you can take all the time you want to make it right, by writing how you feel about what’s most important to you, and when you are ready, share your writing with the masses. How cool is that?”
Chris Mentillo "I never had to experience, “writer’s block.” yet. However, the problem these days seems to be trying to find enough time to write more, and keeping up with my intense imagination. Nevertheless, if I do (and I’m sure I will) I simply will seek out reading the best books on the subject."
Chris Mentillo Plagued with habitual -- horrifying nightmares, work on this piece began back in 2011. If you read the introduction section of the book, “Obliterated” -- Everything is About to Change, you will find many answers to your questions regarding why such a book came to be. The motives are the same for why I continue to inscribe horror today. The only time this will discontinue is when the petrifying nightmares diminish or halt all together. Therefore, in some strange -- egocentric way, I am tenterhooks they will never stop.

Originally, when I first started to pen this novella, I was shooting for a 12,000 word short for a magazine submission. And one of the periodical's publishing submission requirements was to try and leave enough room at the end of the story to possibly be able to crack the story into a full-pledged novel.

So being adamant about submitting such literature (at the time anyway) to this horror magazine, I started to move headfirst in hopes of landing a "publishing contract" with the magazine company. Suffice to say, I never submitted the final draft, (polished copy) and so regrettably the manuscript found its way back to amassing up more space on my computer. A year had passed, and before long, (embarrassingly) two more years came to an abrupt end, before I finally took the initiative to take another hard look at where this story was actually going, and believe me, I still had no clue.

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