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Mari Suggs I deal with writer's block by writing even when I'm not inspired. Once I sit down and start writing anything, eventually I get into the flow of things and creativity flows through me again, obliterating writer's block.
Mari Suggs The best thing about being a writer is creating characters and stories that you and others can fall in love with.
Mari Suggs My advice is to read and write as much as possible; it's really the only way I know to get better and to get it done. Don't be afraid that you're not ready, most of us aren't, but we still did it anyway. Experience comes with time, the more you write, the better you get. Final advice: write because you love it and disconnect from the outcome of becoming a New York Times Bestselling author. Once you let go of the outcome and you write for the love of it, everything will fall into place.
Mari Suggs I'm currently working on my next novel Between Us, I'm on the editing stages right now. Is in the ChickLit genre, just like my previous novel Falling For You.
Mari Suggs Music is usually my inspiration, a lyric of song can spark an entire novel in my head.
Mari Suggs The idea for Falling For You came from when I was visiting Key Largo, Florida for my husband's work. While there, I found there wasn't much to do--unless you drove a half hour into a bigger city, so I started to wonder what it would be like to live like that, furthermore to love living like that. I began creating this character "Rachel" who was born and raised there and loved everything about the island. Then, coming from my own perspective, I created "Luke," a character who couldn't comprehend how people lived without the comforts that came from living in a big city: New York. This is where the story begins.

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