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Christine Feehan Annihilation Road and Savage Road both feature Savage and Seychelle. You can read them independently though. There isn't a cliffhanger on the first of the two books.
Christine Feehan I love Joe. I do hope to tell his story one day.
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Christine Feehan Though not immortal myself, I do hope to live long enough to tell all the ancient's stories. LOL There are many of them!
Liv is still a child so that story won't be anytime soon. But I do hope to tell it one day.
Christine Feehan Actually, it's a new Leopard Series book, but yes, I'm excited about that as well!
There will be future Shadow Riders books but I'm not quite ready to say who will be the hero/heroine of the next book yet.
The girls will eventually get their turn. The next two Torpedo Ink books are both Savage.
Christine Feehan Yes, Phantom Game will be released in 2022. I am not ready to disclose who the hero and heroine will be just yet. It's way too early. lol
Christine Feehan So happy you enjoy the Shadow Riders series. I will continue with the series. I'm not sure who will be next, but I'm happy it will continue.
Christine Feehan I am either writing or spending time with my family. Sometimes a friend and I will go to the gardens or out to eat, but mostly I'm writing.
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Christine Feehan Do you mean the Drake Sisters or the Sisters of the Heart? Those series are completed and though you may hear from those characters from time to time in the Torpedo Ink Series I don't have any current plans to write more in those series.
Christine Feehan I can't recall a time in which I didn't want to write. It's more like it called to me and I answered the call. I've written since I was a child and could form sentences.
Christine Feehan I actually don't watch a lot of tv or movies. I read mostly romance, but others genres as well. Not usually horror.
Christine Feehan I'm happy to know you enjoy Dark Fire. I loved writing that story.
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Christine Feehan Thank you, Rebecca! I'm so happy you're enjoying Shadow Storm.
Yes! I will be continuing the series. I'm not sure exactly who will be next but there will be a Shadow Riders book in 2022.
Christine Feehan Good question. It won't go into another anthology, but sometimes the publisher will add it together with another novella (when I write another one) or with another one of my books as a "bonus" of sorts. I'm not sure if they'll do that with Dark Crime or not, but anything is possible.

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