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Christine Feehan I haven’t had issues other than with Dark Prince where Dorchester cut 100 pages. That’s why there is now an “Author’s Cut”. My current publisher works with me and my staff as a team. They’ve not asked me to change an end, a chapter or a storyline.
As far as covers go, I am consulted about covers to new books and I do have a say in that. They will often send several ideas to choose from.
There’s been issues in the industry as a whole about word count but that has to do with the fact that there’s only one printer for all of the traditional publishers, which creates quite a challenge. So, some authors are asked to bring their word count down, but as far as asking me to change a story, that’s not happening.
The one thing traditional publishing brings is distribution. I don’t know how independently published authors get distribution into bookstores, Walmart, libraries, etc. I know some of them do. But, I like that my publisher does all of that distribution for me.
I do see so many people self-publishing quite successfully and I think it’s a good idea for all writers to know how to self-publish. I read many independently published authors and have found many great books.
Christine Feehan I never know what story I will write next. I hope to, one day, write his story, but we'll all have to wait and see. Including me! LOL
Christine Feehan I have had a few books put into trade paperback, but not many. It's actually not up to me at all whether or not a book is put into a certain format.
I do see some publishers going back to trade sized, but I'm not sure how they pick and choose what books are put into trade. All of that is up to the publisher.
Christine Feehan Although Gary is in several books after he is converted, he does not find his lifemate and settle down. His lifemate was born when he was converted, so she is much too young to claim.
Christine Feehan I'm currently writing Deadly Storms which will be out in 2024. Leopard's Hunt will also come out in 2024. That's really all I can share at this time. I hope to have an update soon.
Christine Feehan Thank you for your kind words. I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandmother.
There won't be another Shadow Rider novel this year. As a rule, I write one a year for this series. I do plan to continue the series.
Christine Feehan I have never self-published but I've read a lot of self-published books that are very good.
I don't know who is publishing male to male romance. Sorry.
Try finding an author who writes that and ask them.
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Christine Feehan I'd like to know, too! When will that man speak up? I guess we'll all have to wait and see. lol
Christine Feehan The boy is Axel and the girl is Drusilla. Newly born in Lethal Game.
Christine Feehan I'm so happy that you enjoy my books. I am asked about Javier quite a bit. You'll find him in some future books as well.
When will he get his own book? I just never know. But, I do enjoy his character so let's hope he speaks up soon!
Christine Feehan I get inspiration from the world around me. I am a people watcher. I love reading and research. Life inspires me.
Christine Feehan I don't give away things about future relationships or story lines, but readers are talking about this in my online community if you'd like to go there and discuss it!
Christine Feehan No, not yet. I sometimes think I know who it will be, but until I'm actually writing it, I don't like to speculate.
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Christine Feehan I've answered this many, many times. They are Russian. If you translate it in Russian you'll know what it is.

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