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Sandra Waugh Hi Amanda! Alas, publishing is a fickle world and sales matter more than cliffhangers, so there is no publishing date for books 3&4. I'd like to imagine that could change, but that's just me. Meanwhile, thank you. I’m glad you fell into Tarnec. I’d like to think you would be pleased how the story ends . Happy reading! Best, Sandra
Sandra Waugh I'd like to say 'never say never'. Publishing is a fickle world, though I'm so sorry I can't yet bring the rest of the story to life. Thank you for caring.
Sandra Waugh Thank you for asking, Carolyn. Alas, the publishing world is a fickle one, and sales matter more than cliffhangers, so as yet there is no news for book 3 or 4. May there be an opportunity to share those stories in the future! Best, S.
Sandra Waugh hmmm... In an nutshell I've been writing, reading, traveling, chore-ing, yoga-ing and parenting. Publishing will always be a fickle but beautiful industry and I would far rather learn about other lives than describe mine! Thank you for asking and happy reading!
Sandra Waugh I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner, Chelsea! Thank you for asking--I don't have a date at this point, unfortunately. Publishing is a somewhat fickle world. Hopefully will have a better answer soon :)
Sandra Waugh Thank you for asking, Erin! I wish I could give you news, but unfortunately I don't know. The publishing world is fickle, so I'm just being patient (and writing on...) :)
Sandra Waugh The third book would center around another Guardian, however, the series is inter-connected, so there is certainly more to tell regarding Evie and Laurent (as well as Lark and Gharain and others). Thank you for asking, Kristy :)
Sandra Waugh Yes! Sahar O. (Canada), Lisa O (Ireland), Lisa M (Kansas, USA). It's posted on the YASH website (but not mine, so I'll rectify that right now!).
Thank YOU and everyone who participated--we had a blast hosting.
Sandra Waugh Thank you for asking, Mei!

I'm one of those writers who believes ideas for stories do not come out of something I construct but rather discover--as if an image, or a feeling, or a scene that flashes through my mind is a thread of a whole story floating by. I can try to catch it and hold on, but if I'm not paying attention, or too slow, or it doesn't fully interest me, then the thread floats on, free for someone else to grab. The process, then, is really about LISTENING--meaning, following that thread and gathering more of them. I listen to (gather) the story mostly while I'm doing chores, silly as that sounds. But chores are quiet, repetitive moves which open space in my head for all those threads. Mowing the lawn is my favorite. So I gather threads, write, go mow the lawn or weed the garden or dust to gather more threads, and write some more. (That makes it sound like I must have a very clean house, which, alas, I do not.)
Sandra Waugh Two things are my source for writer's block: 1) if I have not figured out the basic arc of my story, and/or 2) the self-critical demons which tirelessly hover, waiting to ruin a day's or weeks' work. For the former, I have to sweat it out, literally. I walk away from the laptop, do some sort of activity (lawnmowing is great, so is hot yoga)--a focus on the physical which releases my mind to wander, to dream, to find answers. For the latter the answer is DEADLINE. If I set a goal and meet it I can't beat myself up. And for me it's all about getting rid of that daunting blank page. First drafts stink--they're supposed to stink, but once you have something to work with then great beauty is possible.
Sandra Waugh Book 2 in the Guardians of Tarnec series is at the copyedit stage! I'm fleshing out a synopsis of Book 3, having fun co-writing an MG with another author friend, and trying to pin the glimmers of a new story onto a page...
Sandra Waugh A hawk landed on my porch railing one morning--watching me as I watched him. A friend called it 'auspicious'. I wrote the first pages of LARK based on that moment; the rest of the story--and series--was formed while mowing the field behind our house (it borders woods, a little like Lark's cottage). I dream up a lot of stories while pushing the lawnmower.

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