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“I'd love to answer question, from readers and new writers. :) Ask me anything.
Cherry” Cherry Adair

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Cherry Adair Hi Leanne - Michael Wright's book is In Too Deep :)
Cherry Adair Carole - that's a tough one. Marketing is all over the place right now, and there isn't a good answer. I wish there was, but then we'd ALL be doing it, and therefore it wouldn't be the best answer for long, right?!
I suggest new, unpubbbed authors give themselves a deadline for when they'll sell to a tradition publisher. If, after say a year of knocking at NY's doors, you haven't sold, go the Indie route. As a newbie you're welcome to join my Butt In Chair Challenge on FB. You have to report in every week and I'm there to kick your butt. lol
Cherry Adair Hi Rebecca - I'm so sorry - I JUST saw your question! Yes, I will be writing a book with Dare and Lauren. I was planning to do so by now, but I wrote GIDEON and BLUSH first. I have it planned for 2016 :)
Cherry Adair The publisher has both Stormchaser (Jonah) and Hurricane (Rydell Case), and have for quite some time. I eagerly await their decision to publish them. When I know- I will publish Whirlpool (Redhead) Trust me, it's as frustrating and maddening for me as it is for readers who are not so patiently waiting for these books. I'm trying to be a brave little toaster! lol See how I avoided one of your questions? :) )
Cherry Adair I wrote HUSH a couple of years ago, and in it someone may or may not have 'died' (He had a great hero name, and there was no body. Just saying. :) ) My schedule has been insane, so it took a while to write the follow up. GIDEON is set for release (ha!) on March 26th
Cherry Adair I don't wait for inspiration. I just sit down every day and write. I hate the first draft with a passion. Loathe it, actually. But once that's on the page, I love going in and polishing, and layering, and adding the magical bits and pieces.
Cherry Adair I just finished both Gideon and Blush, and am almost finished with a new Cutter Cay adventure.
Cherry Adair Sit your butt in that chair and WRITE!! Every. Single. Day. And most of all FINSH THE DAMN BOOK!! lol
Cherry Adair Interacting with readers ever day. :)
Cherry Adair Sorry to answer you so late! I didn't see any of these posts before this very second. Hopefully you're over your writers block by now... Are you? I find that if I plot the book well, I never have this issue.
Cherry Adair Good grief, sorry Rebecca - I just saw this note from you! Yes, Darius will have his book - as soon as I have time to write it! lol The next T-FLAC book is Gideon. This time the heroine is the operative. :) If you haven't read Hush, try to read that first. (It's .99 at I'm so sorry it took me so long to see this!

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